Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Sleepy Monday
June 8, 2015

Setting sun as I was leaving Mom's house.  
This looks like one of those cloud shapes that needs to be named.
There is not a time in recent memory when I was so sleepy on a Monday morning.  I don't really dread Monday mornings.  I would rather be at home at the sewing machine, but I am usually cheerful in the mornings - much to Ron's disapproval.  It was allergy shot day and I got Ron up at 6:00 while I did the shots and then he went back to bed.  I started to write my blog from yesterday, but I was just too tired. 

It was not too long before I was asleep.  Ron told me he was leaving for work later.  A wave good-bye was all he got and I was back to sleep.  Off and on, I woke up, but was just too tired to function.  Each time I woke, I sent Ron a text and he encouraged me to keep sleeping.  Or at least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

When I finally got to work after lunch, he had experienced a very busy morning, and a very profitable one.  Maybe I should stay home more often.  He is working on a big job and so I waited on customers all afternoon.  Sometimes I had to ask for his help, but not too often.  One man was so soft spoken, I could not understand him at all.  It made me realize that I rarely have to ask Ron to take those customers  anymore.  For years I have had to ask him to help the soft spoken ones. 

As I had arrived at the office, there was a baby nighthawk on the ground that had either fallen from the nest or had tried to fly and failed.  I had seen one in the same situation a few years ago, but this one was much smaller.  I wanted photos, but Ron had several customers so I went in and helped.  Later when I told him about it, he said I should have taken the photos.  What a guy!  Sorry I missed the chance.

The afternoon went well and I felt great.  About closing time I prepared a bank deposit and also put money in the bank bag asking for change.  When the young man at the drive-up window was working on the things, he asked me something,  I could not understand him, and asked him to repeat what he had said.  He did and still I could not understand him.  He tried a third time and I asked him to just give the bag back to me and I would have to return when I had time to go inside.

Back at the office, I figured out what he had asked.  I had made an error on the request slip, so I fixed it and returned to the bank because I did not know when I would have time to go again.  I then balanced the bank statement and by the time I left the office it was 7:30.

On the way home, I stopped by Mom's for about 30 minutes before coming home to fix supper.  The rest of this week is jam packed with appointments, jobs for Ron, and assorted responsibilities; I better get some sleep!

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