Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015

Morning at the Skin Doctor;
Finished Reading a Book
June 16, 2015

Ron and I have said so often over these last two years how thankful we are to have our Kindles.  When we have doctor appointments, we show up with a small electronic device and can have 100+ books on it in case the wait is long.  I have never needed the 100+ for the wait, but today I was glad I had an extra on hand since I was at the dermatologist's office for 2 hours for about a 4 minute visit with him.  I only needed him to freeze one spot and it was my 6 month regular check up with him, but I have never had to wait that long in his office.
There are orange flower petals over much of the backyard from the Royal Poinciana tree.
When I left the doctor's office it was almost 11:30.  I was concerned because I thought Ron was going to Harlingen, but he texted me as I was leaving the office to say he wasn't going and would be working on locks in the office all day. 
Beautiful hibiscus.  I love the contrast of the red and yellow.
When I arrived, I ate my lunch and he did end up going on a couple of jobs.  Then when he got back, we had an assortment of paper work we both needed to work on and then he told me I could go ahead and leave to come home and get ready for the quilt group. 
Ice plant
The backyard needed my attention again so I spent time out there watering plants and filling ponds, fountains, and bird feeders.  They birds appreciated that!  They quickly came to the feeders once I left the yard. 
 This is one plant I thought I had lost last week from my neglect, but it is doing great!
Back inside, in my sewing room, I spent time watching the two young Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers: a male and a female.  They are so much fun to watch.  Glad they are doing well.  The male can fly short distances, but I have not seen the female fly yet.
Young male woodpecker.  Note the downy feathers on his leg.
Last week, I mentioned that our granddaughters had made little cards with scriptures on them and given them to customers at our office.  They left the extras on the counter and I see many people pick them up and read them.  I am so proud of those girls and pray that God will use those scriptures to speak to the hearts of those who read them.
More downy feathers on the male woodpecker
Tonight at quilting I had helped one of the ladies open out some old quilts that she wanted to show us.  They were from her mom.  After we put them up, I started to iron a piece of my fabric and suddenly realized I had a nose bleed.  I dripped on my fabric, but was so thankful I had not done that on the old quilts I had just been helping my friend show and fold.  Just out of the blue that happens.  Interestingly, I had taken my blood pressure a couple of times just before the quilters arrived and it was the lowest it has been in a long time.  A few people have suggested the nose bleeds could be from high blood pressure.  I guess not.  Blood work a week ago was fine and the doctors don't seem concerned.  It took about 20 minutes to get it stopped completely.
Young female woodpecker
After a while I started on the string-pieced quilt squares and now have 86 done!  Progress.  No, I don't know how many I need or want.  I still have a mountain of scraps.  I had planned to make the binding for a quilt, but since I bleed on it, I will have to rewash the fabric and try again.  Thankfully, I actually don't think it absorbed into the fabric, but I will wash it in the morning.

We had a good time with the five of us who were here tonight.  Everyone was busy with personal projects and one lady was doing hand quilting on a piece made by a lady who used to be in our group and we had not seen in a long time.  She lives in another town and found a group there that is helping her.  She is doing wonderful work.
Quilt made by our friend Val.  She did beautiful work!
Currently it is 10:00 p.m. and the lightening is very frequent and strong but Tropical Storm Bill.  It went ashore far to our north, but a rain band is passing through our area and sure is putting on a light show out there.

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