Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 8, 2014

A Lunar Eclipse 
and a Long Day
October 8, 2014

Just before total eclipse
These days just seem to be flying by with lots of activities.  God knew what he was doing when he gave me 4 boys.  I am busy enough getting things done for a rehearsal dinner; how in the world would I do a wedding?  Because of the distance from us to where the wedding will be, Stephen is having to do a lot of it himself.  Between the two of us, I think things are starting to come together.
After staying up very late Tuesday night catching up on my blogs, when morning came, I got up around 5:00 so I could see the total lunar eclipse.  It was worth getting up for, but once the eclipse was total, I went back inside (where the mosquitoes could not find me) and fell asleep in the recliner.  Ron left for work without waking me.  I had planned to be at the office a little earlier than usual because a salesman was coming, but I ended up getting there a little later than usual and without a lunch.

We were very busy with customers while the salesman was there so I helped a lot at the counter.  It was funny, as the man left, he asked me a question which I did not hear.  I asked him to repeat it and he said, "How is your hearing?"  I just had to laugh.  For some reason, when people ask me that, invariably I have to have them repeat the question.  My answer to him, as it usually is, "Not perfect, but much better than deaf."

There was a stack of papers on my desk that needed attention and I worked on them much of the morning.  After I picked up and ate my lunch, a friend stopped by.  She actually needed to talk about a project that had been passed on to someone else.  She did stay and visit for a while and I enjoyed our time together.  She is a faithful prayer partner and I appreciate her prayers for me and my family.
During the afternoon, Ron was out much of the time and I stayed busy with customers.  I continued doing some research on line for some things I need for the rehearsal dinner.  We closed a little early.  I went by Mom's and then met Ron at home where we left one car and drove to McAllen to get a new suit for the wedding for Ron.  He has needed one for a long time, but neither of us do well  selecting one.  I had asked Jeff and Barb is they could go with him.  We met their whole family at the the place to do the shopping.

Jeff's family arrived ahead of us and got suits for the older boys and Jeff.  They were ready for Ron when we arrived.  All the children were there in the exclusive store.  But the youngest of the girls spent about an hour admiring herself in the three way mirror.  The two older girls began finding straight pins on the floor and collecting them and putting them on the counter.  The little boys joined them and found tags, size markers that slip over the tops of hangers and all sorts of items under the displays furniture, using some long rods they had found to fish them out.  They had an impressive pile when we were ready to leave.  The man invited them to come back anytime to do the cleaning.  You would never have guessed there were 7 children in the store, they were all so busy working.  I love those kids!!!

When we finished there, Barb took Jeff to get his car at the office and Ron and I (along with two of the children) went to Michael's so I could look for some items I needed.  From there we went to Anna's Linens so I could pick up some tablecloths that they were holding for me.  I had found them on sale and then ended up with a couple of discounts in addition to that and got a great price on them.
We all met back up at Five Guys Burgers for supper.  When we arrived we had it almost to ourselves, but it got busier while we were there.  Again, the children were great and we had a good time just being together.  I just had to try TCBY next door to Five Guys before we came home.  I had always enjoyed the place here in town years ago.  The flavor I wanted was not available and the one I chose was not to my liking so maybe that will keep me from craving a return visit.

It was after 10:00 before we got home and it was not long after that, that I was asleep.  It was a restless night with a lot of strange dreams.
I forgot to mention one very frustrating sequence.  Ron and I don't know our way around McAllen well and finally had to call Barb for directions to Five Guys.  Ron was dealing with traffic and wanted me to call.  I couldn't understand Barb on the phone and tried it on speaker in hopes Ron could hear.  He finally had to take the phone to get the directions.  I really need to be able to hear on the phone better!

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