Friday, October 24, 2014

October 22, 2014

Boxing Up the Books and
Blogging at the Bakery
October 22, 2014

Our buffet serving table for our Blueberry Breakfast
Wednesday morning Stephen was up early and while he was in the shower, I made blueberry muffins for our breakfast.  We again made a dining table from boxes.  This time it was flattened boxes on top of the folded up cot Stephen had been using for sleeping.  We keep changing our dining "furniture" because we keep packing. 

After breakfast, Stephen showed me what things I could pack up without him being there and then he left for work.  I packed up about 15 boxes over the course of the day - mostly books.  (That was in addition to the boxes I had packed the previous day.)  I emptied 3 bookcases of books, and a cabinet that held some of his CDs.  I packed up several breakables and some table lamps.  Thankfully he had been bringing packing materials home from the store where he works, for weeks.  Many things they receive in shipments are fragile so he was well stocked with their "trash".  Instead of putting all of that in the dumpster, he brought it to the apartment.  It was so nice to select sheets of bubble wrap and other packing supplies as I filled box after box. 

When I had done all I thought I could do, I started some cleaning, since of course he wants to leave the apartment clean in order to get his cleaning deposit back.  I got the bathroom sparkling.  It was not bad, but I got it to where he should just need to wipe a few spots when he moves out.

Shortly after noon, I had a text from my sister who lives in the area saying she was on her way to spend a week with her granddaughter.  What fun!  Our other sister was with Mom at the nursing home and I said I would move my things over to my sister's house and stay there, starting either Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

It was about 3:00 before I took a break and thought about getting some lunch.  There was a Kentucky Fried Chicken place just about 4 blocks away so I drove over there and picked up some lunch and returned to the apartment to eat.  While I ate I read some in a mystery that I am currently reading.  It is pretty good and I sure hate to put it down.

Following the lunch, I folded laundry.  Stephen had done all the laundry before we arrived, but had not had time to fold it.  I got it all folded, sorted, and then stacked it on the bed for him to put away when he got home.  He was going to be very late.

About 5:00 I left and went back to Panera Bread and used their free wi-fi to write another blog entry.  It was getting dark when I packed up my things and drove down the street looking for a Walgreen's Drugstore, to get a few items.  I didn't find one, but I found a grocery store and picked up some fruit before returning to KFC for more chicken for supper.  I got gas in the car and then returned to the apartment, to do a little more packing and sorting.

I managed to pack all my things so that if Stephen was not too late, I could go over to Keller to my sister's house that evening, but he was very late.  We talked and moved things around.  I was amazed that through all the packing of my luggage all week, the packing of boxes, and all the other activities, my elbow gave me no problems.  The trips up and down the stairs to get to his apartment got to me a few times. 

It really was a very quiet day for me, being alone most of the day and having no TV or radio on, or any other noises, except for Stephen's parrot, Charlie.  The day had been very productive!


  1. Is Charlie going to be a bridesmaid? ( Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    1. I had that discussion last night with Lawlers. I guess not, but maybe she could sing or something. For those who don't know, Charlie is Stephen's Green Parakeet. This is the official name - but is not like what we used to call parakeets in the pet stores. She is a small parrot. We have had her for about 25 years I think. Our friends the Lawlers brought her to me when she just was a baby with a few feathers. I hand fed her and raised her but she and Stephen bonded when he was the only child left at home and she went with him when he left for college and still lives with him.