Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014

Finding The Right Balance
October 10, 2014

More rain
When I started writing this blog, it was about my deafness and my road to be able to get a Cochlear Implant.  On that road, a week before my surgery for the implant, I broke my elbow and much of the news became about the elbow and assorted problems with recovery and later a second surgery on the elbow.  Then Ron had the hardware removed from his leg that was put in 20 years ago following a break.  Now, I think many of you are reading my blog to keep up with reports on my mom's health after she fractured a vertebrae and a rib.  I didn't expect this to become a multi- medical site. 

Many of my friends are also Mom's friends.  Tonight when Ron and I were leaving the cafeteria where we eat with friends on Friday nights, a high school classmate stopped me and asked, "How is your Mom?"  We were very close friends in junior high and high school and later our parents lived across the street from each other.  I ended up staying for a while updating her on Mom's condition and decided to share an update with the rest of you. 

Mom has now been in the Skilled Nursing Rehab Center for a little over a week, having moved there Thursday of last week.  The first couple of days she was still in a lot of pain and they started the physical therapy gradually and increased it as Mom's strength increased and the pain decreased.  Early this week she was feeling great and started asking when she would be able to leave there to go either to my sister's home about 5 minutes away from the rehab center or to be able to come home.  Progress seemed steady and her spirits were good.

Then Wednesday she began feeling weak and tired.  There were a few other things that cropped up and my sister spent a sleepless night Wednesday night mulling over the changes and came to the conclusion that Mom's blood pressure might be low.  While in the hospital she was on blood pressure medication while her pain level was so high.  Now the pain level was way down but the rehab center didn't know that prior to the back injury, Mom had never been on blood pressure medication.  My sister and her husband showed up early Thursday morning at the rehab center, ready to check her blood pressure and found that the rehab center had discovered that very problem and was beginning to deal with it. 

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, seemed better, but this morning the blood pressure was lower.  The doctor at the facility came by and they discussed dropping some other medication.  That is where the balancing act comes in.  Do you remove pain medication that could be causing the blood pressure problems, and if you do, does the blood pressure go up with a possible increase in pain?  They are still working on finding the right balance and seeing if that is what caused the problem.  At this point, our prayer is that the doctors find the root of the change and make proper adjustments to meet her needs.

Mom is 91 years old and up until about three weeks ago when she hurt her back, she was living alone, driving, walking 30 minutes a day, visiting shut-in friends, making church visits with another lady from our church, attending church services and Bible study, and our Tuesday night quilt gathering.  She has been very active and very capable of caring for most of her needs.  We want her to be able to return to the level of activity she had so very recently.

Thinking about balancing things, reminds me that each of us face similar problems.  We are either balancing pains and medications, or our busy schedules as we try to decide what is most important.  Our son Stephen who is very busy working full time and trying to get things ready for his wedding in 4 weeks, planned to take time to visit his Grandmother (my mom) this afternoon.  When I called to see if he could go sometime this weekend, he said he had just gotten off work and had already planned to see her today.  That is one of those important things he is balancing. 

Almost all of us have more that we want to do than we have time to do.  There are several things going on for us tomorrow, but of major importance is celebrating Ron's mother's 90th birthday.  He and I are both so blessed to still have our mothers with us and in our town with us (except when my mom is off visiting some of the other kids).  Someone asked me if other members of Ron's family would be coming for his mom's birthday, but many of them are balancing a situation of their own.  Ron's sister would love to be here, but her mother-in-law will probably move on to Heaven this weekend.  Being with her is where that family belongs.

We can't do it all.  I would like to hop in the car and go see how things are with my mom, but we have to go to Houston to see my audiologist to have some hearing tests done Monday.  I just got back a week ago tonight from spending several days with Mom.  We plan to be in the area where Mom is next weekend.  At that time we will balance time between Mom and our son Stephen & his fiance as we attend a couple of bridal showers prior to the wedding and help Stephen finalize some plans for the rehearsal dinner.

On to a few brief words about today.  The photo at the top was taken on my way to the office this morning.  It was raining in some parts of town like at our office, but not at our house.  Our grandson spent the day with us.  He and I had a great time talking and working together.  He is a great young man.

Much of the morning was spent on emails and texts.  Then I got some bookkeeping done and a deposit made up and taken to the bank late in the day.  I had a long chat with a customer today who helps in a fairly new project here: Community Gardens.  They have a few around town and have many requests for more.  It was interesting to talk to her about the worthwhile project and how much the children are enjoying working on planting and caring for the plants.

We were rather busy at the office and had several interesting customers.  Then Ron and I joined our friends for supper after I went to the bank and by Mom's house.  After supper on the way home I got gas for the car and once I was home, I started laundry and worked in the kitchen for a bit.  I am getting behind on housework.  I hope each of you are able to find the right balance in your lives - making time for what is important.

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