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October 21, 2014

Tuesday Turns into Blogging Day
at the Bakery
October 21, 2014

While staying with our son Stephen, in Dallas, I didn't have access to internet service at his apartment, so Tuesday morning we went to a bakery in his area called Panera Bread.  They have wonderful cinnamon rolls and I was able buy a huge cinnamon roll and a soda and sit there and use their free wi-fi for several hours at a time. 

Stephen and I went to the bakery about 8:00 and had breakfast together.  He got me on line with my laptop computer and then he left to go to work while I started catching up on blog postings.  It was a very nice place to work and relax.  It was quiet, clean, and filled with delicious smells, tempting me as I worked. 

They did have one request and that was that during their busy time from 11:00 to 2:00, customers limit their wi-fi usage to 30 minutes.  So I worked on two blogs in the morning and then put my laptop away and packed up and left just before 11:00.  I appreciate being able to use the internet in a place like that.

I returned to Stephen's apartment and started packing  boxes of glasses, vases, and other breakables.  I worked for several hours, filling several boxes to be moved.  I had previously worked on cleaning the kitchen so we could decide what to pack. 

About 2:30 I returned to Panera Bread (the bakery) and set up my computer and ordered my lunch.  While I was working during the afternoon, two young women came up and asked if they  could take some photographs of me working, for an advertising project they were working on.  They took their photos and then I finished my third blog for the day as I tried to catch up.  I left at five.

I returned to the apartment and while I waited for Stephen to return, I did a little more packing.  Stephen picked up some pizza for our supper and we turned some boxes into our supper table.  Later

Stephen loaded up the packed boxes and we went to the house where they will be living and unloaded the boxes.  A gift had arrived for them and they took time to enjoy opening it together.  They had decided to work on the kitchen and I washed some of the dishes that had been packed away for a while, as they decided where to put things.  We had a good evening working together and they got a lot done.

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