Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7, 2014

What a Beautiful Moon Tonight!
October 7, 2014

Somehow, I seem to be starting this blog backwards!  Here I am starting with the moon instead of the beginning of my day.  This morning I worked in the kitchen for a while before going to work.  On the way I stopped and had Mom's car washed.  They did a great job, but when they finished, I could not find my glasses.  I have regular glasses and prescription sunglasses and usually leave both sets in the car since that is about the only time I wear them.  I told the lady at the car wash I could not find them, but might have left them at the office or the house.  Ron and I both knew they had been in the car last night.

Later in the day I came to the house to look for my glasses and they were where I was afraid they might be.  In the trash.  I had cleaned out the car before going to the car wash and ended up tossing them in the trashcan with a stack of what I thought was all trash. After I got to the office, I remembered that the last place I had seen them was on top of that stack of papers.  Glad I found them.  I don't have time to replace them this week.

At the office, I paid bills and worked on the checkbook.  I need to balance it tomorrow and to balance my own.  I helped some with customers, but around noon I asked Ron if he expected to be there for a while and he did, so I went shopping downtown for a couple of hours,  looking for things I needed for the rehearsal dinner for our son's wedding in one month!!!  I found a few things that I needed and a few I didn't need.  I am working on the tablecloths, table decorations and a few other items.  I bought enough fabric to make one tablecloth and decided to see how hard it would be. 

After returning to the office I looked on line for tablecloths and found some for less than the fabric would cost me so I decided after work to see if I could find any in town already made - not plastic cloths, but fabric.  On about my 4th stop, I found some on sale that would work well but I needed a dozen and they only had 5.  They called their McAllen store and found the other seven I needed.  They will hold them for me until I can get up there tomorrow.  They were very helpful.  I continue to make progress on other plans for the wedding rehearsal dinner.  I am working on the menu.  It will be catered; I just need to decide on the quantities I need to have prepared.  They are being so helpful at the location for the dinner.
Our granddaughter got a new dress today and would not take it off.  
She selected the hat to go with it.
Her other accessory is her security blanket.
After I got the 5 tablecloths I texted my daughter-in-law who had been house hunting in McAllen to see if she was still there, but she was already home.  She said she would be going back tomorrow and could pickup the tablecloths for me then!  I went by their house to give her one of the ones I had bought so she would be sure to get the same thing.  We visited for a long time and made several plans.  It was good to see all of them.  I had not seen them since before I went to see Mom in the hospital.
Two of our grandsons got new fun costumes.

Speaking of Mom, she is doing well.  She continues to make good progress and is cutting back on the pain medications.  She is getting stronger each day and doesn't plan to stay in the nursing home much longer.  She is eager to get back to her busy life taking care of her family and friends.  I stayed at Jeff and Barb's so long visiting, Ron was getting worried about me.  I can lose all track of time while I watch my grandchildren play.
Sunset at the end of a long, busy, productive day.

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