Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

Staple Removal and Back to Physical Therapy
September 17, 2013

Whoever suggested that I work a jig saw puzzle...  They are so addictive!  I am probably 85% of the way through the quilt one that is 1,000 pieces.  I think I will have to put them away after this one.  But it did help me not over use the arm that has been healing.

This morning (after some puzzle working) started with a visit to the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Olson.  His nurse took the basic information about pain levels, medication, etc. and then she removed the staples.  Dr. Olson came in and checked range of motion and chatted a little about the surgery.  He said to come back in a month and he will do an x-ray at that time.  He said, "No push-ups."  Ha, ha!  I have never in my life been able to do a push up.  No danger of me starting now.  I asked about limitations.  He said to go by the pain.  If it hurts too much, don't do it. 

After scheduling the next appointment I let the secretary for the physical therapy department know that I was there in case I could get in earlier for my session ( it was still 45 minutes until my scheduled time).  They called in in after about 15 minutes and got me started on a variety of hand exercises that I had done a few weeks ago: squeezing the rubber egg (I got a soft green one today), the grip strength device, the silly putty to squeeze and then to pinch.  I did arm bends  and hand rotations, and then the pulley for ten minutes.  That is a very long ten minutes.  Toward the end of the session, there was the heat and electrical stimulation for almost 20 minutes, followed by a massage of the arm.  That felt very today even though it was not a deep rub.

I came home and had lunch before heading to the office.  Ron went out on a job for a couple of hours and I got several things done.  We will be closed tomorrow since Ron is having his surgery.  So I had a few things that really needed attention.  A salesman came in at the end of the day and my friend Pat brought me my supper since she knew Ron was tied up.  Pat brought one of my favorites - Chick-fil-A!  The smell of it coming into the office helped propel me out of there to come home.

Once home I finished supper, I then took care of things in the yard - bird feeders and waterfalls.  When I got in the house and opened the curtains, there was a little Hooded Warbler on the ground under the bird feeder, having his supper.  I had not seen any of the warblers in at least two weeks, since the rains started.  I had decided that they headed for a drier climate.  I was so delighted.  I spotted at least 4 different little ones on the waterfalls in the following 30 minutes.  It was getting dark so the photos aren't great.

 Ron is tired.  He has been in pain all summer with the leg problems.  They have been bad for years, but got very painful this summer.  That is wearing him down.  He got home very late last night.  It was a nice event that kept him out late.  Our oldest grandson was receiving a couple of Boy Scout awards and his Mom was out of town and his Dad had an emergency meeting.  We are so proud of Isaac for all he has accomplished in scouting, so Ron was pleased to be there for him.  I think Ron is preparing for his recovery time.  While I have been writing this, he has finished my puzzle.  One piece is MISSING! 


  1. Sounds like you are making good progress from Dr. Olson's comments bt remember not to ignore the pain at first either as you start to use the arm more!! If you have a high pain tolerance level, you tend to do this very frequently (guilty!!) without realizing it until it really, really hurts. My thoughts & prayers will follow you & Ronnie tomorrow. Know that you will be foremost in my prayers throughout the day & in the days to come. I'm concerned with both of you down that each of you will try to do too much to make it easier on the other one. Hands together!!! Unfortunately, I'm not close enough or have the opportunity to help out but know that I would if I could!!

    Oh, how I hate to work a puzzle & find pieces are missing, especially when you buy them new & sealed!! But it happens!! I love working them but have no room here at Daddy's to do them. I do miss working them!!

    Good luck tomorrow, hug each other for me, & remember that you are in God's hands. May His hands guide the surgeon's & help you as you recover too!! Hands together!!!

    1. The puzzle work has been a blessing. We are enjoying it.