Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

Early Morning Doctor's Appointment
September 24, 2013

Ron had an 8:15 doctor's appointment which isn't too bad, except that it was in Harlingen - about 35 minutes away.  The doctor had been out of town last week so this was the soonest she could see him for the appointment to follow up on the trip to the Emergency Room last week.  The appointment went well and she had some test results from a visit he had with her about 2 weeks ago and those results were good.  By 8:45 we were heading back home.  We made a fun stop on the way home.  Brownsville now finally has a Shipley Donuts store.  They are my favorite donuts by far! 
Welcome to town, Shipley!!!
After I got Ron home and we had our donuts, I headed to the office.  The morning was rather quiet, but the afternoon was busier.  I got an assortment of projects done.  I filled some key hooks, did a little cleaning, a little unpacking of merchandise, some bookkeeping, paid some bills, and prepared a bank deposit. 
After work I took the deposit to the bank and stopped to paid the utility bill close to the house.  Since Ron was asleep when I got home, I started doing some work in the yard.   The ponds needed filling.  I had asked my daughter-in-law about having some of the kids come work in the yard with me.  While I waited I trimmed several shrubs and hauled several carts of clippings.  There have been bees all over the hummingbird feeders and not many hummingbirds, so I brought in all but one feeder. 
I had about given up on the kids coming and had put away most of the supplies when they arrived.  The oldest mowed.  The next one moved potted plants to make the mowing easier, filled bird feeders, took trash out of the kitchen for me, changed light bulbs, and things like that. 
The youngest of those who came to help, (the oldest girl) mixed up a fruit salad for me and helped me move things to smaller containers in the refrigerator to make room for the salad.
Then they took time to visit with Ron before I took them home.  I stayed to visit a while with their parents and younger siblings when we got there.

Speaking of visitors, Ron had a nice visit today from long time friend Rodney Sullivan.  I am sure they had lots of laughs.
On the way home from taking the grandchildren home, I stopped for milk and bread arriving home at 10:00 and fixed a little supper for myself.  My 8:00 Physical Therapy will come early in the morning!
I did have a couple of interesting hearing events today.  When I brought Ron home from the doctor, I started hearing a strange sound that sounded like a motor of some sort and looked and looked for it.  It turned out that I had tossed my Kindle on top of my purse on the kitchen counter and it hit a button on the blender and turned it on.  Sounds don't sound completely normal to me, and I have no idea where they are coming from.  The second problem was while I was at the office alone.  Off and on I would hear what sounded like a ringing telephone, but we have ours on call forwarding to Ron's cell phone.  I thought maybe a customer had left a cell phone.  I finally found out it was coming from the computer. 


  1. Glad your results today were good, Ron & that you got to visit with friends!! Important to your recovery emotionally!!! Linda you are just amazing!! You accomplish so much with your limitations right now!! God provides when needs arise!! Hands together for both of you!!

    1. It is important to visit with friends when you are house bound. Thanks for faithful prayers.