Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

My Grand Daughter Becomes My Nurse
September 11, 2013

Today the dressing from my surgery needed to be removed.  My grand daughter was not thrilled with the idea of helping, but I needed the help and she stepped up to the task and did a great job.  Part of it was with her hand across her face, peeking between her fingers, but she soon realized it wasn't too bad.  Patient and nurse are both doing fine. 

Our granddaughter again spent the day with me.  She brought her home school with her.  I prodded her through spelling.  She read her history lesson to me.  She did the math with only minor complaints, and she enjoyed her reading assignment.  There was a little more work, but all got done in a timely manner. 

She had the added nursing lesson.  She gently helped me remove all the dressings down to the last couple of layers and I told her I would finish.  She was relieved, but ended up watching and decided it was not as gross as she expected.  It appears that the doctor made the incision right on the previous one.  The incision looks good.  The 23 or so staples come out next Tuesday.

In between lessons we took puzzle breaks.  Our 1,000 piece puzzle is coming along very well.  My little nurse is also a great puzzle worker.

Several rain showers came through again today, but the birds continue to eat unless it is a downpour.  The little Budgerigar (Budgie) a.k.a. parakeet was back.  We enjoyed the birds.  They truly kept us entertained!  The Golden-Fronted Woodpecker had a discussion with the Budgie after he found it checking out the new home he has been preparing.

Basically it was a quiet day.  After my grand daughter left to go to children's choir practice at the church, I did some Immersion Reading.


  1. Where would we be without our helpers? It also helped you to pass the time. I always was the "nurse" person in our family. With Daddy being a printer & always working on the machines at the newspaper, he always had cuts, some with stitches & some just minor. Both my mother & my sister would pass out at the sight of blood so I had to learn to doctor very early in life. That was what I wanted to be growing up, but got married, then after he got out of school, it was to be my turn to go to nursing school. It just never got to be my time to go. We had no children for almost 10 years before my daughter, Dawn, was born the Stuart followed 4 years later.

    Glad that you are getting better & tolerating all this so well. God gives us the patience & the will to go thru most anything in life..I still struggle with patience but I always remember my mama telling me that at those times, God was testing me to see how much I had learned. Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue & I must be taking a test!!

    Hugs, thoughts & prayers for you!! Hands together for your proper healing & patience to endure!!

    1. It is such a joy to have the helpers that I have! I asked one of the therapists where he got his training and he said it started when he was 10 and his brother was paralyzed in an accident. We learn so much by helping those we love.