Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013

Rain, Rain, and More Rain Coming!
September 14, 2013

It was another very rainy day here in the Southern Tip of Texas.  It has rained almost every day for two weeks, and it is in the forecast for at least another week.  We are expected to have very heavy rains for the next couple of days.  It is a sandbag kind of rain.  Our business is in an area that floods, so today Ron and our son Jeff put out sandbags.  If the rain does like it has been doing: a heavy shower and then a break, we will be alright. 

Those two naps I took yesterday afternoon really messed up my sleep last night.  I went to bed about 10:30 and woke at 2:30, never getting back to sleep.  My house keeper came and took care of cleaning for me this morning.  After we had a heavy rain around 8:15, (that followed the very heavy one overnight), Ron and I went to the grocery store.  It was very quiet.  Ron commented on how nice it was.  I reminded him that I can have a quiet shopping trip whenever I want.  All I have to do is remove my sound processor. 

After we got home and unloaded the groceries, Ron went to see about some sand bags and then went to the shop to check on things.  We are used to the problem, but it still can create a major mess!

We spent the afternoon working a jig saw puzzle while we watched the Texas A & M football game.  The Aggies lost 42-49 to Alabama, but it was a good game.  We finished the puzzle about the time the game ended.

This one was 550 pieces and fun.  I am now working on a 1,000 piece one that is very difficult.  The new one is of an antique quilt and most of the colors are dull.

Another very heavy rain shower came during the game, around 4:00 and it was windy and got a little dark.  Hurricane Ingrid is bringing rain to an already water-logged area. 

We are trying to get a few things done this weekend since Ron will be having surgery on his leg this coming Wednesday.  He goes to pre-register at the hospital Monday morning.  He will then be given the time for the surgery.  In the meantime I am having him replace a few light bulbs and stock the pantry, etc. 

As for my hearing, it has just been nice to listen to the rain.  It was nice to have my husband want to spend the afternoon sitting at the table with me, chatting and working a puzzle.  We had gotten to where we did things separately.  I always had the TV way too loud for him.  It was a nice day.

My arm is sore, but not terribly painful.  One reason for working puzzles is that I am not tempted to use the bad arm.  It is very important for me to move it, but also to protect it.  If I am doing almost any other activity, I forget and reach for something with my left arm.  Working a puzzle is pretty much a one-handed chore.  Even if I should pick up a puzzle piece, I should not inflict damage from one piece.

Today I did talk on my cell phone once to my husband.  That is major.  A current limitation is my left arm.  I can't hold the phone to use it on my left ear (the only one that hears).  We both need to replace our phones, so maybe in the next week or so we can get that done.  Ron was delighted that I could hear him!
Water pouring off the roof this afternoon.

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  1. My thoughts & prayers go with Ronnie with his surgery. Hands together for the surgeons & others involved for guidance to do their best job with him!! Can you hear using the speaker on your phones? Maybe they have one for hearing impaired people who need the volume higher than normal. I want to get Mama a new home phone that types out the conversation of the other party for she says she can't hear well enough on her other phone, not the one for the hearing impaired, the regular one she wants in her living room. (However, tonight we were playing cards with my nephews & one of them farted really loud & she was the first to hear it!! LOL We were all so surprised that she heard it!! She got a kick out of us knowing that she heard it!!)

    The puzzles are so fun, challenging, & in your case good therapy for the mind & soul. If you need others, please let me know & I'll share some of mine with you.

    Hugs & prayers for both of you!!