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September 27, 2013

Friday Fun With the Grand kids
Friday, September 27, 2013

I am a little late in getting this posted, but I was just plain tired last night.  I was up early to get to Physical Therapy by 8:00.  Most of the activities were the regular ones.  The main difference is that the therapist started working more aggressively on the range of motion during the massage time.  He is still very gentle, but he is trying to increase the extension and the inward pull on the arm. 

When I left there I went to the office which Ron had gone in to open.   He said he planned to go home soon, but as the day wore on, one thing after another kept him there for the rest of the day.  Around 11:00 our daughter-in-law, Barbara brought our oldest grandson and oldest grand daughter thinking Ron would be going home and this way they would be with me.  Both of them brought their school work and spent most of the time doing lessons.  I worked with my grand daughter on math and spelling.  Math is my strength and her weakness; spelling is my weakness and her strength.  So it was interesting helping her.  Her older brother worked on biology, history, and writing.  In the photo, it was writing that he was working on - his favorite subject.

We relaxed while eating our sack lunches, and they did a few chores around the office: emptying trash cans, picking up trash, and assorted other activities.  I worked on sorting old papers.  The computer repairman spent time remotely working on my computer.  It keeps locking up when I write emails in AOL.  That gets very irritating!  Since I could not hear on the phone well enough to work with him, Ron stayed to do that.

Once home, we had a light supper and were both ready to "crash".  It had been a long, hard week.

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