Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Customer Conversations
September 4, 2013

It is very difficult to write September on these postings and on invoices for customers.  I just can't believe it is already September.  It was a busy day at the office today and I filled in the date line on many invoices, but I think I stumbled over everyone of them.  It just can't be September yet!

There were many customers in the office today and Ron was out most of the day - actually working for our orthopedic surgeon.  I hope he is doing a super job so the surgeon will return the favor!  With several of the customers there was barely time to say hello as I had a waiting line forming behind them, but I did have time to talk at length to a couple of them.

The first had come in to get a lock for her gate and I explained the types that would give her the most security since she was concerned following a break-in next door to her home.  She selected the cheapest one.  Oh, well.  Maybe I misunderstood how concerned she was.  We ended up talking about digital cameras.  We were discussing the fact that it was time for the migrating birds to arrive in town and she was wishing she had a good camera to photograph them.  I showed her mine and let her try it out.  I think she will spring for the money for a good camera - just not good locks.  Maybe I would do better as a camera salesman.

A little later a customer came in and she spent a long time deciding on a few little items.  Then an older man walked in.  It turned out they were together.  It was her elderly father.  As we talked, I began to remember an earlier conversation with the two of them.  They had come in while I was almost totally deaf and using my amplifier to try to hear bits of conversation.  She had wanted to get one of the devices for her father because he is very hard of hearing.  He doesn't believe he is hard of hearing. 

The older man kept asking me about getting his safe open since he can't remember the combination.  Meanwhile the daughter is trying to whisper to me.  I found out, at this point, I can't hear whispers with my Cochlear Implant. So she wrote me a note that she has the combination, but doesn't want him in the safe for fear he will lose things.  It all came back to me.  We had this conversation when they had been there before with her standing behind him while he would ask me about opening the safe and she was motioning to me not to agree to it.  I hate it when customers put us in the middle of family issues.  It also happens when they think "Grandpa" should no longer drive.  They just hide his keys and call the locksmiths and tell them not do accept a job from "Grandpa".  The joys of the locksmith business.

During the afternoon, between customers, I did several of the listening exercises.  I also did the Immersion Reading on the Kindle Fire.  It is going well.  The listening exercises went fairly well, but as I mentioned before, I am a perfectionist and want to understand them all.
Black and white Warbler thinks he is hiding from me.

After work I went to get some hummingbird feeders.  I needed to replace some.  It is time for the hummingbirds to arrive on their migration south.  When I got home and opened the curtains overlooking the backyard, I saw that some of the little birds had arrived.  There was a Canada Warbler, a Black and White Warbler, a Louisiana Waterthrush, and another little bird I have not yet identified.  They were playing in the water on the waterfalls.
Louisiana Waterthrush was so much fun to watch as he played in the water.
Maybe that is why is called a "Waterthrush"

It was getting late and the light was fading so the pictures aren't great, but I hope they stay around a while.  I had the window open while I was photographing them and I could hear new songs in the bushes.  I hope to have a yard filled with bird songs for the next week or two.
This is the unidentified little bird.  It may be an immature Canada Warbler,
but I am open to suggestions.
The hummingbird feeders are filled and ready to go.  I am fairly well stocked on bird seed and some oranges.  I hope to provide you all with some interesting photos in the next few days.
Canada Warbler - these little birds are so fast it is difficult
 for me to get good photos of them. 
On a different subject, my husband says that his mobility won't be as bad as I understood yesterday.  He will have several small incisions and none are on the bottom of the foot, so he is only limited by the pain he will have.  So, I think we will make it.  It is going to be interesting!  He does admit he was in so much pain yesterday that he doesn't know what he told me.  Also, the doctor gave him a foot brace yesterday to wear when sleeping and he tried it last night.  He woke with less pain than he has had in ages.  He is amazed!  God is good.  Keep praying, please.

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