Friday, September 20, 2013

September 19, 2013 Part 2

Rough Night Last Night -
Progress Today Continued
September 19, 2013 (Part 2)
As I explained in the previous blog, I was just too tired to finish; so here is the rest of the story.  After my three hours of sleep, I got up, showered, washed my hair, had breakfast, helped Ron get up and fixed him some Jell-O and gave him a pain pill.  He was beginning to feel a little better.  Once I had him  safely back to bed, I woke our grandson who had waited up for us to return from the E.R. the previous night.  He is home schooled and for that reason, he can bring school with him to our house.  I told him Grandpa (Ron) was back in bed, already sleeping and I was going to Physical Therapy (PT),  so he could sleep until I got back, but to try to listen for Ron.
The PT office is not far from our house (thankfully) and I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare.  Whoever opens up didn't arrive until 8:15 and there were many of us waiting.  Carlos, my therapist for the day said I could have put off my appointment after he heard how my day and night had gone, but I probably was just as well off going ahead to try to do the work.  I did have a good variety of exercises.
There is one place on my elbow that did not heal real smoothly.  I showed the therapist and he suggested that I show the doctor next time I saw him.  I told I don't have another appointment there for a month.  By the end of the session he decided to have the head of the department look at it.  After he looked at it, he decided Dr. Olson's nurse should see it.  After she saw it, she decided she would get some steri-strips to put on it.  She disappeared a while and returned with Dr. Olson who looked at it and finally decided to leave it alone.  He did want to know what the outcome of the E.R. trip was and I asked him for a prescription for something for the nausea for Ron.  He said to go to his side of the building when I finished to pick it up.  So I am glad I went.
When I got home, Ron was ready to get up and so after I had him up, I got Isaac up and helped them both get some breakfast.  As instructed at the E.R., Ron set up a couple of follow-up appointments with other doctors, our G.P., Dr. Bhondi,  and our urologist, Dr. McCormick, in Harlingen.  I did a few chores around the  house and then went to pick up our oldest grand daughter to go to the office with me.  We picked up a pizza for our lunch on the way to work and as we got out of the car at 12:00, a customer pulled in.  So much for hot pizza.  Another customer came in right behind him and next was my mom and three more customers who kept me hoping before I got to chat with Mom.  She offered to run a couple of errands for me and I warmed a piece of pizza which was barely out of the microwave before I had another customer.  It was 1:15 before I finished a second piece and put away the leftovers.
My grand daughter was picked up at 1:45 and I locked up shortly after that to take Ron to see our G.P.  I did manage a 30 minute nap at the house before I took him, and it helped.  It is an effort to get Ron and his crutches loaded safely, and when we arrived at the doctor's office there was not an easily accessible ramp available (he has one, we just couldn't get to it) and we have had so much rain, that there were slippery, mossy spots on the sidewalks.  Got him in the waiting room and he was worn out.  I told him I would sign him in.  The clerk said they had been trying to call us to cancel due to an emergency, but couldn't reach us.  They had Ron's cell phone number but he had been sleeping and missed the call.  Could we come at 2:00 tomorrow?  Yikes!  That left me about 2-3 hours to be open at the shop, in between my physical therapy and taking him to the doctor.
God's provides.  Sometimes I start to panic wondering how we can continue to meet the needs of our customers and pay the bills.  But God is faithful and continues to meet our needs.  Even though I was only open 2 hours yesterday I stayed very busy.  The health isssues are temporary and most of our customers are loyal and are willing to wait until Ron can meet their needs.

We stopped to pick up a prescription on the way home.  Ron rested well.  We had a relaxing supper with our grandson.  He stayed another night.  During the day Isaac worked on school work at the dining table.  Many of his classes are on DVDs.  They are videos taken in a regular classroom in a Christian School in Florida.
In the late afternoon, I spotted some warblers on the waterfalls and was able to show them to Isaac.