Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013

Cochlear Implant and Today's Church Music
September 15, 2013

Much to my surprise, the first congregational song in church this morning was an old hymn using the traditional musical arrangement.  I could hear the notes and sang along.  I am not sure if I was on key, but my grand daughter, standing beside me didn't give me any strange looks, so I hope so.  It was so nice to join in and sing.  I did not try harmony in my usual alto.  I could hear the individual notes.  I don't know if it was because it was so familiar or what, but I praise God for allowing it!  The rest of the congregational songs were ones I am not familiar enough with, but two of them, I thought I had the melody picked out.  What changed?  I don't know.

Another thing special happened during the song service.  Normally the older grand children go to Children's Church.  This morning just as church started, one of my sweet grand daughters came with a smile and a hug and sat beside me.  I didn't ask why she decided to come instead of going to Children's Church.  I think God sent her.  Her Mom is out of town for the weekend so maybe she just needed a hug.  I think God sent her to hear the special music.  I don't know the name of the song, but it said in part that we don't need to fear the darkness, because we carry the Light.  There was a video playing along with the song and the words were on the screens.  I turned to my grand daughter who has recently started having nightmares, and said, "I think those words would help when you have bad dreams."  She very seriously looked at me and nodded and said, "Yes, they would." 

A few months ago, she accepted Christ as her Savior and in doing so, The Light of the World (Jesus), now lives in her.  We all go through times of fears and worries.  The song was a good reminder to all of us, but I especially pray that she will remember it in times of fears. 

Warning!  Photo of arm incision with staples follows.

As usual, after the service, we stayed and visited with the grand children.  As we got ready to leave I called my youngest grand son over and told him "Happy Birthday".  His birthday was a few days ago and we decided not to try going to the celebration since I am still so protective of my arm.  He has just turned 5 years old.  I told him I was sorry to miss the gathering, but that I still had the staples in my arm from the surgery.  Naturally he wanted to see.  I showed him, and his eyes got big and he said, "Cool!  Did it hurt when he put them in?"  I told him I was asleep.  I think he was disappointed.
Here is my arm with the 22 staples. 
Do you agree with him? Cool?

We got to the car and the battery was dead.  Thankfully Jeff was still there and we had jumper cables, so we got a quick fix.  We went by the office for a minute and then as we started home, the rain started again.   There had been a heavy shower while we were in church.
Shortly after 12:00 noon.  A little dark for noon.
By the time we were almost home the sky had some clear spots. 
That is the way the day went.  There were showers off and on.  The birds came to the feeders between showers, but some were a little wet like this Green Jay.
I spent the afternoon working on the new puzzle.  I am making progress.  The puzzle actually is a sampler quilt with 30 different squares.  I have about 11 of them put together.  Still much to do on this one!

I failed to mention that I stayed in the auditorium during the sermon today and did fairly well.  There were sections I missed, but I did better.  I don't always see progress on a day to day basis with the Cochlear Implant, so it was good to see some today. 

Since we are on the northern edge of the rains from Hurricane Ingrid the schools in town are closing tomorrow.  I am going to the office.  Ron and I ran an errand this afternoon with me driving and I think he decided I could manage in his car.  I had told him I am more comfortable driving it when strength is limited.  With no school, traffic should be lighter.  He has to go to the hospital early in the morning to register for his surgery on Wednesday.  We have a VERY busy week ahead.

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