Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

What A Difference a Day Makes;
Ron is Improving
Friday, September 20, 2013

Seeing someone you love, suffering either in physical pain or from frustration of limitations is hard.  What Ron and I have gone through is so minor compared to what some are going through, and yet we still hate to see each other not being able to do the things we want and need to do.  We also know that these limitations, for the most part, are temporary. 

The reason I go to Physical Therapy is so that I can return to doing the things I love to do.  I keep telling the therapist that I want to be able to get the turkey out of the oven for Thanksgiving.  He smiles and says, "We are working on it."  But today, as he does most days, he reminds me to slow down.  Easier said than done!

My vibrating alarm clock got me up ay 6:00.  I worked on my previous blog entry for a while before getting ready for another busy day.  Just an example of being extra busy: I was just moving a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer and starting another load.  There is more laundry this week just because I was wearing things only once before washing since so many days this week were in the hospital, the emergency room, the doctor's office, etc.  I am not as obsessed about germs as some, but you know those places are full of sick folks!

After working on the blog some (but not finishing it) I headed to my physical therapy session.  There are three therapists in this group plus the head of the department.  I had each of the three for one day this week.  Today was the young lady in the group.  One of the things I like about them is that to all of them, their children are so precious.  I have never heard them complain about them except for one day just before school started, when one of the Dads said his kids were going to have to clean their rooms before the first day of school (indicating they didn't keep them as clean as he wished).  But he said they would all be working on that chore for the weekend, taking out grown clothes and toys to his church's collection for those in need. 

When I finished at the therapy office, I was able to rearrange my appointments there next week, to set all for 8:00 a.m. (Mon. Wed. and Fri.).  That way, I should be able to get to the office by 10:00 to open for the rest of the day.  Ron has a doctor's appointment in Harlingen at 8:15 Tuesday and with Dr. Olson 9:00 on Thursday.  Another busy week coming our way.  As I left the office it was raining.  I got in the car (Ron's since it is easier for me to drive) and his windshield wipers didn't work.  So I came to the house and got my car and headed to the office. 

I stayed pretty busy with customers and bill paying.  I had hoped to get some cleaning done with Ron out of the office, but that may not happen.  Had some good sales but was frustrated that one customer had me prepare some things he HAD to have and I told him they would be ready at 12:00 and I was closing at 1:00 so to not be late.  I waited as long as I could before closing, but he didn't return.  Went by the post office on the way to the house to pick Ron up and take him to Dr. Bhondi's office. 

Ron had a 2:00 appointment and we got called in about 3:00.  Then waited another 30 minutes or so for the doctor.  Ron had a bad sore throat.  After checking, the doctor said there is no infection and that it is from the anesthetic and the surgery.  At one point, Dr. Bhondi asked a question and Ron answered and I commented.  Dr. Bhondi looked up and his eyes got wide as a smile spread across his face.  He said, "You can hear!"  Dr. Bhondi is the one who diagnosed my Sudden Hearing Loss.  That was the first time I met him, so I have never really heard him speak.  We both saw him often, the early part of the year, but neither had seen him since a couple of weeks before my Cochlear Implant surgery.  He was delighted.

At 4:00, on our way home, we picked up Chick-fil-A sandwiches for Isaac and me for our lunches.  I had been too busy to get lunch and Isaac had been busy and forgot to eat.  Jeff picked Isaac up on his way home from work just after I had removed the dressing from Ron's incisions.  There are three very small incisions and they appear to be healing well.  He is now allowed to put a little weight on the foot, but I have convinced him to stay home Sunday morning.  He is normally on his feet the whole morning at church and that is not good at this stage. 

I must say, it was such a joy and blessing to have Isaac here since Wednesday afternoon.  He is a cheerful helper and he worked hard on his school work.  Since I am "deaf" when I take the sound processor off at night, I wanted someone else in the house at night to help listen for Ron.  As the three of us ate lunch/supper together, we talked about stubbornness in not having the patience to allow correct healing, but also agreed that determination is necessary to recovery. 

Late in the evening I saw that we had a cold front approaching the area with a heavy rain band, and I had not put the sand bags back in front of the side door at the shop, so we headed that way and took care of moving the bags.  I plan to enjoy this weekend.


  1. May the coming week be much better than last!!

  2. Hands together with thanks for progress but together for continued healing. Please, please, be patient with your elbow therapy. Overachiever that you are is not good in this instance. Slow & patient works much better & gives you more mobility & strength in the repaired area in the long run. It doesn't take much stress to undo the whole thing in that area. It is incredibility small & delicate, you'd never believe that hitting your "funny bone" would be tied to this tiny little area & cause such terrible pain but it does!! It's like a little bottle cap sitting on the bones in your arm when you bend your arm. Everything is tied together by this little bitty bottle cap & boy it doesn't take much stress to have a "blow out"!! Remember patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue!!! If I can help at all when you are in Harlingen on Tuesday please let me know. I will be happy to help in any way that you need. I think you have my cell number but I'll PM it to you in case you don't. Hugs & hands together!!