Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

Three Months Since My Broken Elbow
September 1, 2013

Three months ago this time, I was in the Emergency Room at Valley Regional Hospital waiting for results of the x-rays that had been taken of my left elbow.  A week from tomorrow, surgery will again be done on that elbow.  It is hard to think of starting over again with the pain, healing, and therapy, but it must be done if I want full usage of the arm.  I was reminded of that this evening as I had to have Ron lift the pot off the stove to drain the spaghetti noodles I had just cooked.  There is no way I could have done that alone without taking a cup and removing most of the water a little at a time.  That is not the way I want to do things the rest of my life.  Instead, I will have the surgery and pray for great results with the radial head replacement.

This morning we went to Sunday school and church as we normally do every Sunday.  Ron teaches our Sunday school class and is an excellent teacher.  Today's lesson was outstanding as we started a new study in the book of John.  Being a holiday weekend, a  few of our regulars were out of town, visiting family and friends. 

The church service was good, but I continue to struggle with the sounds I get through the Cochlear Implant.  I must say that the audiologist from our first meeting, indicated that church services were very difficult settings to deal with using the implant.  Add to that the fact that we are having some technical problems with the sound system and that two classrooms were just added in balcony which  probably is affecting the acoustics.  I am not the only one complaining about the sound lately, but they are working on it and hopefully it will soon be working better. 

When the sermon started, I went to the vestibule and listened to the sermon on the speakers out there as I have been doing for the past several weeks.  It worked fairly well.  The pastor has been preaching a good series from 2 Corinthians recently and I am glad for what I can pick up in the vestibule. 

Ron had a meeting after the service and I was waiting for some plate lunches to be delivered that several of us had ordered as a fund raiser for a young nurse with some needs.  The timing worked out just fine for us with the food arriving shortly before Ron's meeting was over.  I had ordered one extra plate for Ron's mom, so we took our food and had lunch at her house.  I really enjoyed the meal of grilled chicken, rice, and beans.  We had a good visit with his mom and then came home for naps. 

The nap I got wasn't very long but it was refreshing.  The birds have been busy in the backyard.  They can clean out the feeders in an amazingly short time.  The waiting line at the feeders is often very long.  The trees have been filled with sparrows and a few other birds.  After my nap, I refilled some of the feeders and then Ron mowed the backyard after he got up from his nap.

There were about a half dozen Great Kiskadees flitting through the backyard much of the afternoon.  They were chasing each other and hanging out at the feeders, in the trees, and at the birdbath.  I love the way some of the birds stand on the spray to cool their feet.  Kiskadees have a unique call that I am enjoying hearing these days.  I read somewhere recently that we shouldn't complain about the sparrows since they are very good song birds.  They are more enjoyable since I can hear.

Yesterday afternoon there was a White Ibis that spent an hour or more standing on the bank in the backyard.  He was beside a Black-bellied Whistling Duck.  I have taken several photos over the years of a Black-bellied Whistling Duck and a White Ibis in almost the exact same spot.  It leads me to wonder if it is the same two.  I am so blessed to have such a great variety of unique birds visit my backyard.

It is almost time for the Fall migration of the birds as many of them head to Central and South America to spend the Winter.  The next couple of weeks should be the start of the influx of these birds.  Some have already started arriving and different varieties travel at different times.  I hope some of them stay a while and let me get some good photos.  Occasionally they will select a nice setting for their poses.   Other times, they don't cooperate at all.

I wrote a blog last Spring talking about how I was looking forward to hearing the sounds from the various birds that visit our yard.  Migration time is when we get most of those outstanding song birds, so I really look forward to listening as much as seeing them this year when they arrive over the next few weeks.  I have started stocking up on bird seed for their arrival. 

There are so many beautiful things to enjoy in my backyard: flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, and assorted wildlife.  One of the most enjoyable sights and sounds in my backyard this weekend was two of our grand daughters.  What blessings we have!


  1. Enjoying my grandkids, too. the AC is out in part of their house so I've had lots of company lately. The two older ones have gone dove hunting today so Amanda and I are chillin!
    Got to get my birdfeeders cleaned up and refilled so I can have some entertainment as they pass through here. Have to hang them up in the trees so the deer don't knock them down!

    1. Better get those hummingbird feeders filled and ready. My sister in Ft. Worth says they are flocking to her place and are hungry. So be prepared! No migrating birds here today, but nice variety anyway, including that white chicken!!!