Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hurricane Ingrid Lets Us Know She is Close By
September 16, 2013

Hurricane Ingrid may have only reached a Category I storm but she sure has a lot of rain to dump in Mexico and South Texas.  There is a lot of street flooding going on in our area.  When I watch the TV news, I can't complain after seeing what is happening in Colorado.  During the past 3 weeks we have had about 10 inches of rain according to reports I heard today.  The upper valley wasn't getting much.  They are making up for it tonight.  They are really getting dumped on.

Does any of this have anything to do with my hearing loss?  In a way, yes.  Do you recall that I said I was looking forward to hearing the rain?  I am enjoying hearing these storms.  But I also told you how the brain doesn't like silence and fills it with other sounds.  Mostly mine have been good music, but I also get other sounds.  I have mentioned the loud sounds I get that sound like machines.  Now for the past few days I hear thunder storms with heavy rain and blowing winds.  I have never thought I had a very good imagination, but my brain is awesome!  It creates this sound and I sit in my windowless office thinking we are having a squall blowing outside, only to  go look and see just dark clouds and little or no rain.  So only by looking out the window can I tell what is really happening. 
I do love thunder storms, so for now I won't complain. 

Seriously, the brain seems to pick up a sound that is happening and then just keeps using it.  I am trying to keep track of what is happening when I get the loud noises that can be very irritating, and they seem to be triggered by an actual sound.  If I have to have one going on in my head, I think I will take the music and the rain in place of the loud machine noises. 

The music is still playing and it is there most of the time.  It is softer than it was before I had the Cochlear Implant done.  Sometimes it is rather non-descript, like elevator music, but most of the time it is a hymn.  Today it has been I Love You, Lord.  One of my sons always asks me, "What is playing right now?" 

Today my husband had to go register at the hospital for the surgery he is having on his leg this Wednesday.  I left early for work and picked up our oldest grandson to be at the office with me.  For one thing, I needed him to move the sand bags that were blocking the doors.  The schools closed today due to the weather situation so traffic was light.  Once Ron finished at the hospital, I took our grandson home.  He was doing home schooling work and needed to email some writing assignments for a class he is taking on line. 

I left work a little early as streets were starting to flood.  I just had one detour on the way home due to a flooded street that was blocked.  The evening was spent on a puzzle. 

Tomorrow morning I go see the orthopedic surgeon so he can take the staples out of my arm.  I am eager to get rid of them.  They pull and itch and I am tired of them.  Following that visit, I have a Physical Therapy session. 

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  1. Good sign that the staples are itching & puling....healing signs. Hands together for you, Ronnie, & his surgical team!! Hugs to you both!!