Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

A Birthday Breakfast to Start the Day
Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our son Jeff and his wife have established some wonderful traditions with their children.  I have probably mentioned this one before, but after their children are about 5 years old, on their birthday, the birthday child selects where they want to have breakfast and the grandparents are invited to join.  Our second oldest grandson selected Whataburger as the place to celebrate his 14th birthday.  He had a couple of friends over yesterday evening to play and at least one spent the night with them.  Since the two oldest girls had spent the night with us, we all got ready and met for a breakfast.  Most of us selected the wonderful cinnamon rolls from the menu. 
The happy, birthday boy with his new Lego set.
The girls went home with their family after breakfast and we went to get groceries on our way home.  Since I probably won't be driving right away after my elbow surgery, I needed to get a few things to get us through a few days.  My housekeeper had come early this morning and had much of her work done by the time we got home.  After she left, Ron and I took that cake that had been baked last night, to the birthday boy.  It needed to be refrigerated and so I had not wanted to leave it in the car this morning while we ate.
When we returned home, it was time to check the bird feeders and ponds.  The sparrows were thick today, but I have not seen the warblers since that one evening earlier in the week.  I hope they have not gone on south without staying around a few days.  I did notice an increase in the hummingbird activity.  There were several Ruby-throated Hummingbirds flitting through the yard off and on all afternoon.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Rain showers also flitted through the yard all afternoon.  Many of the birds continued to go to the feeders despite the rain, but it makes it difficult to get good photos of them.  Hummingbirds do like the luxury of the hummingbird feeders, but they are attracted to yards with blooming flowers and today I had several.  This is a new hibiscus we got in Houston recently.  I don't know the name of the variety, but I sure do like it.
Time spent in the yard was enjoyable as I listened to the various bird sounds, the sounds of water flowing on the waterfalls, and later, the heavy winds with the rain.  These are sounds that most of you take for granted.  I know many of us love the sound of falling rain, but it is extra special when you haven't heard it for a while. 
I was hoping for a long nap this afternoon but that never happened, although I think I got a couple of short ones.  I spent an hour or more with the Immersion Reading and then turned to other books for reading most of the evening. 
Our youngest son called this afternoon.  It was hard to hear him, but I think I got most of what he said (after sometimes having to have him repeat), and it was good to hear his voice and just talk to him about his very busy life.  He is working full time, doing his last semester in the seminary while working on his Master's degree, and a variety of church responsibilities.  It is rare he has time to call.
It has been a relaxing day and a fun day.  I don't know when our grandson got to be the tallest in the local family.  He is just under 6 feet tall and I find it hard to remember to look up when speaking to him.  What a blessing all of the grandchildren are.  And, there is another birthday to celebrate in that family this coming week.  We will party our way through the fall.

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