Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

Refreshing, Rainy Sunday
Sunday, September 8, 2013

Today our church was having a baby shower.  But it was not your typical baby shower.  This one was for the church nursery!  It was time to add some new toys and start replacing cribs, some of which had served well, since before our 33 year old son was a baby. 

Sunday school class and the worship service were good.  Our pastor is trying to finish up the last little bit of work to earn his Doctor's degree and so a couple of the other pastors have preached recently to give him a little break.  Today it was Terry Roberts' turn, and as always, he did a good job.  Following that, there was a baby dedication which fit in well with the nursery shower.  While preparations were going on for the baby shower, the heavens opened up and brought a heavy rain shower.  Hearing in the church service continues to be a challenge.  Even during the "greeting time" I struggled to hear.

My Mom has a bad cold and has not been out for several days.  With my surgery coming up tomorrow, I have stayed away.  If I catch a cold, the surgery would have to be postponed and I do not want to do that.  Our daughter-in-law Barb went by this afternoon to take some things to her and check on her and says she is getting a little better.  I feel like I did when she was in the hospital in February and I had to stay away because the medications I was taking to try to restore my hearing left me susceptible to infection. 

Ron and I went to the shop to pick up a couple of things before coming home for leftovers for lunch.  Then I put a ham in the oven for supper.  I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for the things I forgot yesterday.  Ron offered to go and help, but his leg was bothering him, so I went alone.

The afternoon was spent cleaning the kitchen, gathering things I will need at the hospital for a couple of days stay, and I did some reading.  I have done some bird watching, but have not really gotten any good photos.  The hummingbirds keep flitting through the yard, but these are just the early arrivals.  It may be a week or so before the large numbers arrive. 

Late in the evening, I chatted on line via Facebook messages, with our son Bob and his wife Vickey.  It had been a few days since we had been in contact.  They have been very busy and so have we.  It was good to catch up.  The annual hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque is coming up and Bob says they see some practicing almost every morning on the way to work.  What a beautiful sight.  We hope to get out there to see it some time.  Chatting via Facebook seems to be the only successful way these days for us to converse.  I miss just chatting, but I think at the moment there are just too many pressures for me to have the patience with trying the phone.  When we have heavy rains, our phone line gets some static, so that adds to the problems.  I miss the phone.

At this point, I think I have gathered everything that needs to go with me to the hospital tomorrow morning.  I want to have the sound processor for the Cochlear Implant with me in the holding room before surgery, since without it, I am deaf, but I need to get it to my husband just before they knock me out.  I would like to have it when I get to the recovery room.  Otherwise it could be a long time before I wake up, since it will be so peaceful and quiet.  I just hope it all works out so I am able to communicate.  I am to be there promptly at 6:30, so I should probably wrap this up and try to get some sleep. 

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  1. Each time I read one of your blogs, I am struck once again by the very simple things that most take for granted. The simple act of going to WalMart, taken for granted by so many, is a great accomplishment for you & it is!!! You have made such great strides in such a short time because you are so determined to learn to hear again!! You get frustrated but yet your faith in God comes shining thru!! Thanks again for sharing so much of your life with us, the good & the bad, your hopes & yes your dreams!!

    Today will be a rough one for you but you have many prayers going up for you & God will get you thru this too in fine fashion. Hopes, hugs, & hands together for you, Ron, the surgical staff, & the nursing staff!!

    Prayers too for your mama. She's raised y'all well & is proud of you & Gordon plus the rest of her children (I don't know the others as well as I do the two of you!!) She's such a pretty lady inside & out.

    Hands together!!