Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013

Softly Singing With the Saints
Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Cochlear Implant makes hearing music as it actually sounds, very difficult.  Today as last Sunday, I was able to pick out the melody line in the old familiar hymns.  So I joined in on those.  I do love to sing the old hymns!  It was good to have three this morning in the worship service. 

The morning stated quietly at home.  I let Ron sleep since we had agreed that he should not trying going to church this morning.  On a normal Sunday he teaches a class so he stands for the hour he is teaching.  Then as Chairman of the Deacons, he is usually walking for most of the service, being sure there are enough men to serve as ushers for the offering and then monitoring activity in the vestibule, etc. 

After our Sunday School class with Daryl Mortalla substituting for Ron, (I do love to hear Dayrl teach!) I went to the auditorium.  Soon, one of our grandsons arrived to sit with me.  He usually attends Children's Church.  I never did find out why he came to the worship service, but I was glad to have him sit by me.  Later his Mom arrived with one of the other children.  The music was great and the pastor preached a very good sermon.  I heard a good bit of the sermon, but not all.  Things are getting better with using the implant in the church services.

On the way home I picked up some chicken for us and we had a relaxing lunch.  During the afternoon I did a little cleaning in the kitchen.  It was a beautiful day so when I went to feed the birds and fill the ponds. I could not resist staying and doing some trimming in the yard.  The clippers only need one hand.

I wrote some cards and the read for a while, falling asleep while reading, but not for long.  Ron woke me to show me some sailboat races on TV.  Many (about 45) years ago, Ron owned a sail boat that we use to race.  I didn't get to race with him often, but it was interesting.  With my nap disturbed, I went back to reading and some woodpecker watching.  One of the male Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers has been preparing a new home.  He has been digging a hole in a tree.  Today it was finally big enough for him to get inside and continue work from there.  It was fun to watch him poke his head out with a beak full of wood chips and toss them out the opening.

Here he is tossing the mouthful of sawdust/wood chips.
I am going to enjoy watching this woodpecker family! 
Later, I started another puzzle.  Ron helped me finish it this evening.  There were a couple of challenges in working this puzzle.  The pieces were thin and other than the edge pieces, they were all shaped almost exactly alike.

Ron is feeling much better.  I did take him to the church this evening for a deacon's meeting.  Our deacons serve as elected, for a 3-year term and then rotate off for at least a year before being eligible to be re-elected.  This is Ron's last meeting on this term and as chairman, he wanted to be there.  One of the men brought him home afterwards.  On our way to the meeting, we went by the office to remove the sandbags from one of the doors.

When I got home, I made oatmeal cookies and they are great.  I have the art of cookie baking one handed down to a good routine.  But I bought a brisket yesterday and on the way home it dawned on me I can't get it out of the oven once I bake it, so it may have to wait until Ron is a little more steady on his feet.

I forgot to mention that my grandson who sat by me in church, is very soft spoken.  I had to turn the ear toward him that has the sound processor, but I could hear him just fine.  As they say, "Priceless."


  1. There is still nothing like the old hymns to me either. The new ones just don't touch my heart in the same way. Maybe because we grew up singing the old ones!!! Glad you could pick out a few of the melodies & sing along & that you could hear so much of the sermon today. (Just think, if the preacher starts to step on your toes a bit, you can literally turn him off!!! Shame on me!!)

    Glad too that Ronnie is up & moving around. I am glad that both of you are so active at church. Mama & I have wanted to go down for services one Sunday but just hasn't worked out for us so far. It's still on our agenda.

    Hands together for your continuing healing & good progress!! Hugs to you both!!!

    1. Dottie, I love the old hymns and the harmony in them. They teach, convict, and comfort.

  2. I am truly enjoying your blog, Linda! May not comment each time, but I certainly am reading! I share much of your experience with my flight instructor. He understands all you are experiencing and you have given him a little insight as to how he can "tweak" his hearing experience. Love you, Sweet Friend and Sister.

    1. Thanks, Becky. I had missed your comment somehow. Glad your instructor thinks some of it is helping him. How long has he had his Cochlear Implant?