Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013

100th Blog Entry
Saturday,  August 31, 2013

When I started writing this blog, I did it for a variety of reasons.  We have a lot of family scattered away from here and this seemed to be a good way to keep them updated on my progress.  For several years I have had some involvement with the Winter Texans who worship with us at First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Texas, during the Winter months and several of them asked me to keep them updated on my hearing situation after they returned north for the Summer.  Finally, I wanted to be able to share the story of my journey toward a Cochlear Implant with others who might face the same situation some day.  It has been an interesting journey to say the least.

One of our sons, David, set up the blog site for me and got me started with it.  Our son, Bob, has been helpful in several aspects of this adventure.  I appreciate their help.  Writing is one of my favorite activities, so this seemed a natural outlet for that interest.  My first posting was April 13, 2013 and as so many of us often comment, "I wish I had started sooner."  I did fill in those missing dates with a timeline entry done a few days after I started the blog. 

Earlier today I had decided that tonight's blog would be some statistics about the blog, but little did I realize until I started writing tonight, that this is the 100th entry!  I feel like I should celebrate.  There are so many things to celebrate:  100 entries, readers from 50 countries, and most importantly, I CAN HEAR!!  When I get discouraged about something, or someone I can't hear, I must remind myself of how far I have come and how far ahead I am of where I was even a couple of years ago.  The hearing is not perfect, but it is amazingly good!

Looking at the report page that I can access for this blog, they give me an interesting amount of information about my readers.  I don't know who you are, but today I had 2 viewings from Jordan and that made the 50th country that viewers have come from.  I can see a listing of at anytime of the top ten countries for the day, week, month, or all time.  As of this writing, I have had a total of 9,228 "page views".  Some countries listed in the top ten might surprise you.  First is the United States of America with 7,769 views, followed in second place by Russia!  There have been 405 views from Russia, 311 from Canada, 86 from Germany, 54 from France, 37 from Ukraine, 29 from China, 26 from Spain, and 22 each from the United Kingdom and Poland.

My report page tells me the operating systems being used to access the blog.  The vast majority are using Windows (63%), but surprising to me, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones account for 23%.  That means that almost 1/4 of you are reading this on small personal wireless devices - not sitting in front of a desktop computer as I am.  Mac computers account for 7% of the views.  The report page also tells me what browsers are being used (that means little to me) and a lot of other pieces of information that my sons might find interesting, but are beyond me.

Roadblock, Detour, or Speed Bump on My Path to A Cochlear Implant? is the most viewed posting I have written.  That is where I told about breaking my elbow just before it was time for my implant surgery.  I typed that blog one handed while laying in my hospital bed following my elbow surgery.  Praise God for Answered Prayers!!!  I Can Hear!!!  Thank You, Dr. Chang!!! written on July 2, after the activation of the Cochlear Implant, was the second most viewed entry.  Most of you rejoiced with me about that good news!  You were all very interested in the entries about the actual surgery and about the equipment for the Cochlear Implant. 

When I was college age, I don't think that they offered a degree in Statistics as they do now.  If they had, I would have been very tempted to take that path of study.  I am fascinated by statistics and what they can tell us.  But I think we all know they don't tell the whole picture and they can be manipulated sometimes to present a different picture of a situation.  The thing that is more important to me than these statistics is what people are learning from these postings.  Many of you have said that you are learning things that can help you with a friend or family member who is hard of hearing.  Some have said that they now better understand what it is like for their mom or grandfather or some friend who struggles to understand conversation and sometimes just "tunes out" after a while.  I do pray that the blog can help in that way.  One person have told me that a friend is now seeing Dr. Chang for evaluation for possible surgery and another is considering a possible appointment.  Others have asked for his name and information to possibly contact him.

Many of you have left comments on the blog site.  Others have found that difficult and have either left a comment on Facebook or sent me a private message.  It doesn't matter where you comment, but don't hesitate to add a note or ask a question if you would like.  I wish I could know how the people around the world have found the blog and what it means to them.  The only comment I have had from a stranger in another country is one from a Cochlear Implant doctor in India.  It would be interesting to hear from others around the world.

Thank you all, for taking time to read these blog postings.  Your encouragements mean the world to me.  I have tried to be honest in what I share.  There have been great days, and difficult ones.  I want you to know the truth about the journey.  It is not over.  There is still much ahead, so don't think this is a "farewell to the readers"!  I will continue sharing the journey and would appreciate reading any comments you want to share.


  1. Hands together for your continued improvement!!

    1. Thanks, Dottie. Hope and pray you are relaxing during your break, away from your many responsibilities here.