Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Where Did June Go?
June 30, 2014

Everyone seems to be asking the same question: "Where did June go?"  This month seems to have flown by so rapidly!  My customers have commented about it and I just keep shaking my head each time I date an invoice and wonder what happened to one of my favorite months.  I guess since it is our anniversary month, I am extra fond of June.

Today I was slow moving as I started the day.  That seems to be more common lately.  I am not sure why.  I did have a restless night last night so that may be one reason for today getting a slow start. 

When I got to the office I hit the ground running as I worked on the assorted end-of-the-month chores.  I was able to get most of them done and have little to do tomorrow on the first of the month.  That will be nice for a change.  Lately the first of the month has been extra busy as I catch up on tying up all the loose ends from the month just ended.  So the day was spent mostly doing paper work.

Ron was out on jobs for a couple of hours and it was a little quiet while he was gone although I was listening to Rush on the computer.  I was pleased to hear the Supreme Court ruling today in favor of Hobby Lobby and was curious to hear Rush's comments. 

I got the last deposit for the month made and took it to the bank and was able to get finished quickly at the bank.  Sometimes it is very busy and slow at the end of the month.  It felt good to be on top of things for a change (although my desk is still a mess, but improving).

After work I went by our son's home.  Our son and his wife were spending the day house hunting in the town they are moving to a little more than an hour away from their current home.  My mom had been watching the children all day and I stopped by to see if she needed me to pick up something for supper.  Our daughter-in-law had taken care of it, so I just visited a while.  

It seems that they had made a new acquisition in the last couple of days.  They had bought a baby grand piano for the family.  Four of the children take piano lessons and that will probably increase to five in the fall.  The four who are currently taking lessons are good at it and so I guess they decided they needed another piano so practice time could be handled a little more easily.  Three of the current piano students played for me.  The fourth is away at church camp. 

It is interesting that the one away at camp has been the one who would complain most about the years of lessons.  He is an outstanding pianist and his teacher says he puts such feeling into his playing.  Just a couple of weeks ago he told me he had ordered some music of his choice and was now playing for enjoyment when he was tired or stressed.  What an wonderful way to unwind.
 Our second grandson pictured here, if technically the best of the bunch, but needs to put more emotion into his playing.  He loves to play and can either read music or play by ear.  He memorizes music very easily.  He is delighted with the new piano.

This is the youngest of those taking lessons currently.  She usually has a quick smile while she is at the piano - in front of family and close friends, but is very shy in front of strangers.  She enjoys playing.
The oldest granddaughter pictured above here, is so graceful looking at the piano.  She is beautiful as she plays.  I love to watch her as she plays the piano with her long slender arms and fingers.

With my Cochlear Implant, watching them play is about all that I am good for.  I cannot discern what they are playing.  At one point, while my grandson was playing I thought I detected one of the old hymns, but as for the rest of the pieces, I have no idea what they were playing.  That saddens me since I love music.  Now the piano playing is honestly, just "noise".  But I do love to see the grandchildren enjoy it and I am so glad they were able to add this new piano to their home.
On my way home, I stopped for milk and bread - wonder how many times I have done that over the years?  Once I got home I fixed supper and read for a while.  I worked in the kitchen some and answered some emails. 

Today was a productive, good day.  I just hate to see June end so soon!

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