Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 9, 2013

One Month After 2nd Elbow Surgery
October 9, 2013

In some ways the days seemed to rush past me and other times they seemed to drag.  I think we all feel that way at times.  It is hard to believe my elbow surgery to put in the artificial Radial Cap was a month ago today.  So much has happened in that time! 

Most of the first week I spent at home taking pain medication and napping.  Then the next week was Ron's surgery and I started physical therapy so I did the therapy first thing in the mornings and then ran the office while he spent a week at home taking pain medication and naps.  I did nine sessions of the therapy.

Ron and I worked a stack of puzzles.  There is one on the table right now that we gave our grand daughter for her birthday.  It is HARD!  I am hoping she can come back over this weekend to finish it.  We have each read lots of books.  We still nap sometimes, but Ron more than me.  If I nap, I have trouble sleeping at night.  He doesn't.  (This isn't the hard puzzle still on the table.)

How is the elbow?  Getting better.  It is not where this impatient, patient wants it to be, but I think I am following the instructions and allowing it time to heal correctly.  I can now use that hand to type normally for about 3 minutes and then I have to go back to one finger on that hand.  I can carry a cup in that hand, but not my purse.  I can turn some door knobs with it, but can't open the car door with it.

It has been a month of encouraging notes from Facebook friends and an assortment of cute, funny, encouraging cards for each of us, from a friend named Kim who lives up state.  Friends here have brought us some yummy food.  Mom gave us a variety of gift cards to some of our favorite places to pick up carry-out dishes when we didn't feel up to cooking or eating out.  God has used these people to meet our needs and to keep us from getting discouraged. 

Our grandchildren have blessed us in amazing ways.  Our oldest grand daughter spent the first two days following my surgery, staying with me and tending to my needs.  She even unwrapped the arm when it was time to take off the dressing. 
Our oldest grandson stayed with Ron to help in the same way for the first two days and nights following his surgery.  I needed him here at night since I would not be able to hear Ron call if he needed help. 

The oldest boys mowed the yard and the girls helped with food preparation.  Since they are home schooled, they brought school with them.  I had the joy of helping with math and spelling.  The younger grandchildren have brought joy and laughter just being themselves. 

God sent a variety of birds to entertain us.
It has been a GOOD month! 

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  1. You are so blessed!!! Hands together for another month of good things & healing powers!!