Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26, 2013

A Great Day to Be Able to Hear!
October 26, 2013

This was a very good day!  It was made even better by the fact that I could hear!  What a blessing.  The only negative all day was that I woke up really early.  It allowed me to get a lot done, but another hour or two of sleep would have been nice.  I did get three loads of laundry done, some yard work done, hummingbird feeders washed and filled with fresh mixture, hair washed and dried, windows in the sewing room washed and shined, dish washer unloaded and loaded, and an errand run, all before 10:30 this morning.  The hummingbirds were active as were two of the Golden-fronted Woodpeckers.
Female Golden-fronted Woodpecker
The shrubs were filled with sparrows waiting a turn at the feeders.
The ever-present ducks were present.
The green and the blue Budgerigar enjoyed the feeders.
After those chores, I headed to the grocery store and got a few groceries and the items on a list of cleaning supplies the house keeper gave me just before I left.  As I have mentioned before the same lady works for Ron's mom.  We talked for a while about the recent surgery his mom had to remove a skin cancer.  She must go back in a couple of weeks and have more removed on the same spot.   That is going to be hard on her.  It brings back my having to have my second elbow surgery to try a different way to solve the problem.  When the second surgery is required, your mind keeps going back to the date of the first surgery and you feel you should be healing more quickly.  The doctor says this is not a serious type of cancer, but that it goes deep.  Please keep her in your prayers.
When I got home I ate a quick lunch.  The next hour was spent photographing birds in the yard.  I had so much fun.  A few days ago I shared that we had a couple of Budgerigars - one blue and one green.  When I looked out after my lunch, there was a beautiful white (very pale blue actually) one in the tree, looking in the hole occupied by the others. 
Before long he was joined by another blue Budgie (Budgerigar).  What a treat to watch the four of them flit around the tree.  I was not able to get all four in one photo, but here are a couple of photos of three.
Just before I put my camera away, this Bewick's Wren posed for me.  He (or members of his family) have lived here for at least 8 or 10 years and I have only a handful of photos of him.  These little birds hide very well.

I had received a Facebook message a few days ago from a friend from my growing up years.  Her name is Jaynelle and we were a year apart in school, but we were in many church activities together.  We became Facebook friends not too long ago, but had not seen each other for about 50 years. Something special about Christian friends is that even when you have been apart for years, you still have so much in common.  She was in town with her sister who was here for a class reunion.  Also a cousin had come with them.  Jaynelle and her cousin Sandra came for a visit for a couple of hours and we had a great time walking down Memory Lane.  Sandra had attended another church while we were growing up but has been a part or church in more recent years before they moved out of the area.  Some of our children had been in school together.  What a blessing to be able to carry on a conversation with them.  I could hear Jaynelle very well.  Sandra was on the side without the Cochlear Implant and I had to ask her to repeat several things, but it was a very nice visit!

One interesting thing was that family members of theirs had raised Budgies and they were able to educate me on the way to tell the sexes of the Budgies.  According to them, the green one is female.  The white one is a male.  The blue one with a white face is female and the blue one with the yellow face is male.  They enjoyed watching the birds for a while before we sat down to chat.

A Green Jay came to show his colors to the visitors.
After they left, our son Stephen called and we had a good talk.  I was able to hear him well today.  As I said, it was a very good day!

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