Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013

A Day Seeing Progress
October 24, 2013

Today I could actually tell a difference in the strength of the arm that had the broken elbow.  I was  able to open the car door with it for the first time since the second surgery on that arm.  There is still pain, but there is also a little improvement there, too.  I don't have constant pain, but rather a shooting type pain that is pretty overwhelming when it comes.  That was better today.

Another change I thought about on my way home from work this afternoon is that it has been quite a while since I have had one of those spells with the very loud noises in my head.  There had been times when my head would seem to become a loud echo chamber.  I hope those episodes are gone for good!  So I think I should class this as a very good day!

When I went out this morning, I counted 13 ducks waiting for me to go away so their breakfast buffet could be enjoyed.  I have not had too many other birds the last few days, but apparently that is due to the hawk that is hanging out in the area.  I have seen him in the yard several times.  Late yesterday afternoon he was in the tree right by the sewing room.  Not good!  I guess the ducks are not frightened by him.  There were a few doves, and early this morning a few sparrows, but that was about all.  Hibiscus blooms were just starting to open.
I stopped by the church on my way to the office.  One of the ladies in the office asked how I was doing and we had a nice chat.  When I got home today I had a beautiful handmade card from her in today's mail.  I have been blessed to receive a few from her in the past and am honored to have gotten this one today.  She is so talented!
At the office I waited on customers for a good bit of the day as Ron was out on a couple of jobs.  In between the customers, I did a little filing, a little bill paying, and other such exciting chores. 
I spent some time on the testimony I will be giving soon.  When Ron was in the office, I went to the bank and later to the post office to mail a package. 
Again, it was a beautiful day and for the first time in a while, the mosquitoes were not attacking me when I was outside, so when I got home from work I spent about 30 minutes working in the yard.  It felt good to be outside working.  I trimmed a couple of bushes and hauled the clippings.  The hibiscus plants are blooming beautifully.  The ducks continue their battle with me. 
There was a Facebook posting from my daughter-in-law Vickey's nephew who is in the A Cappella choir at Stephen F. Austin University, saying that his choir concert this evening would be streaming live on the computer.  So I set up the feed and watched it to see how my musical hearing would do in that format.  The answer is "not very well".  As I have mentioned, I do best with familiar music and all of these pieces were new to me.  Watching the concert was nice and I am glad I tried, but it would have been interesting to see how I did with something I knew.
Our son Bob and I chatted a couple of times this evening and even though he had to repeat several things, it was good to talk to him.  As stated earlier, this would have to be classed as a good day! 

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