Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Puzzling Puzzle Finished!
October 14, 2013

We can not believe how hard this 500 piece puzzle was to work!  We started it over a week ago when our two oldest grand daughters were here.  When they left they said they wanted to finish it.  We added a few pieces throughout the week, but then put time in on it this weekend while they were here.  I told them I had to put it away this week since we have guests coming in for the weekend.  I just now finished it!  It is a pretty picture but what a challenge. 

This morning I had to go to the office early to take my car (that I couldn't start after the car wash Saturday) in for repairs.  They kept it all day and only did one of the three things requested, so it goes back tomorrow.  Ron had an early morning appointment at the lung doctor, so I had to be at the office early anyway.  He was gone most of the morning. 

There were several customers in this morning while he was gone, but it was quiet most of the time, so I did some of the listening exercises on the DVD from Cochlear.  I worked on the tones (music) and did a little better than before.  Then I spent time with the Immersion Reading.  This is a new book I am reading, and the reader on this one is a little harder to understand.  It may be because she reads faster.  I slowed the speed of the reading to better understand her.  I need friends with a speed control!  If they talk too fast for me to understand, I would just slow them down.  Ron said I would not have been able to understand his doctor this morning because he talks too fast.

Ron came back just before lunch time and after I ate I worked for a couple of hours on a new project and made some good progress.  I had a couple of customers I was able to share with about my Cochlear Implant.  One was an older man who said he was suffering from some hearing loss.  I don't think at this time he is a candidate, but one day may be.  We had a very good talk.  The other was a man probably in his 40s.  He said he had come one day and we were closed.  I explained about the medical things that had been going on.  When I mentioned Houston he said his son had been at M.D. Anderson for chemotherapy for cancer on his leg.  His son is 18.  I let him talk about the burden he is carrying.  We encouraged each other. 

Our son Stephen texted to let me know he got the papers turned in today that he had been working so hard on the last few weeks.  He is so close to finishing his Master's degree - the end is in sight - but the load he is carrying is heavy as he works full-time as the assistant manager in a Christian bookstore in Dallas along with his seminary studies, and an internship at a church.  In years past we would discuss his papers.  Now with not really being able to hear well on the phone, and his schedule, I don't even know what these papers were about. 

After work we picked up the car (to return it early in the morning) and came on home.  As I worked the puzzle after supper, God treated me to flashes of color in the backyard.  That cute green budgie was back when I opened the curtains.  He was the only bird in the yard and he was enjoying his choice of feeders.  Then a Great Kiskadee flew to the birdbath followed by a Green Jay.  Only a few birds, but so much color.  I didn't get photos because it was almost dark, but as I looked at the
Green Jay I saw a lot of color in the sunset, so I headed out front with my camera. 

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