Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Six Weeks Since 2nd Elbow Surgery
October 21, 2013

Sometimes looking at a calendar can be helpful.  I thought it had been longer since my surgery to replace the radius cap in my left arm with an artificial one.  Six weeks is better than the seven that I thought.  Seems so long ago!!  I got so discouraged this morning with the lack of progress.  I see the doctor tomorrow so we will see what he says.

Yesterday I mentioned that I hate to take naps.  I slept too long yesterday afternoon, and then ended up not going to sleep until 1:30 this morning and woke at 5:30.  Since I was up early I got several things done before I went to the office and then got sleepy as soon as I got there.  We did have a rain shower during the night and one this afternoon.  We are expecting another one later tonight. 

It was slow today at the office and Ron was out for a while on a job.  I did one of the listening exercises for the Cochlear Implant on consonant sounds, and did better on it than the last one I had tried.  I then did some Immersion Reading, which I also did when I got home.  There are two tiny filters on the sound processor for the Cochlear Implant and I got Ron to change them for me tonight. 

One of the nice things that happened today is that a friend who grew up in the same church with me dropped me a note to say she will be in town this weekend and would like to get together.  What a treat!  The years of growing up in our town, our schools, and our church were very good years.  There are lots of good memories of time spent with good friends.

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