Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hubby!
October 18, 2013

Ron's Birthday Supper
The family is celebrating Ron's 70th birthday tomorrow night, but tonight we went to supper with friends.  When the waitress brought his order, I told him all it needed was a candle on top.  Don't you think it would have made a good substitute for a birthday cake?  He only made it half way through his supper.  Same for me.  I wish restaurants would serve smaller portions!
When my husband got up this morning, I told him, "Happy Birthday!"  I did not have my Sound processor on yet so he wrote me this note. 

A couple of years ago, our youngest grandson woke up on his birthday morning and his mother wished him a happy birthday.  He told her, "It's not my birthday until Grandma brings me my present!"  Since then, that has become a family joke.  Sweet memories.

Early this morning I took care of things in the backyard and enjoyed seeing this Great Egret fly in low as he headed to the edge of the yard to watch his breakfast swim past him.  I had not see him in his usual spot for a while and was glad to see him arrive this morning.
Our oldest grandson was at the office with us today.  It was nice to have him there and I kept him busy with a list of chores.  I always enjoy the time with him and today was no different.  We discussed his home schooling, the stories he writes, my lack of imagination, current events, some very touching stories that went around on Facebook this week, and several other interesting topics.  It is great to be around a 15 year old who will talk to his grandma.  It is great to be able to hear him!  Without my Cochlear Implant there are so many blessings I would be missing!
With the Cochlear Implant, my hearing is so far above "deaf", but there are still many times I struggle.  The customers today really put my hearing to the test.  My grandson admitted that we had a very mumbling bunch of customers in the office today.  Even a repairman who came to work on the alarm system really mumbled.  There were a couple of times my grandson looked as confused as I was about what they were saying.
Ron had an appointment this morning with the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Olson.  The doctor was pleased with Ron's progress and said the incision to relieve pressure on a nerve near his toes was deep and will continue to give him a little discomfort for a while but that it was doing well.  He still has trouble with a heel spur, but so much of the pain is diminished from the other problems.
We joined our friends for supper and had a nice visit but the noise was a problem for me.  After leaving there I went to the grocery store for a few items and got gas for my car on the way home.  Our son Dave and his family should be arriving soon.  They have not been here in a long time, so we are really looking forward to their visit.
Oh, I did finally give Ron his birthday gift!  He has received several cards and phone calls.  I think he is having a good start to a weekend of celebrating.


  1. Happy Birthday Ronnie!! You've come a long way & I'm so happy for both of you!! May you reap all the benefits of your hard work in the coming year & years to come!! Hands together for all of you!!

    1. Thanks, Dottie. Hope you enjoyed your shared birthday.