Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 13, 2013

Sunday: Church, Family, & Birds
Hard to Beat!
October 13, 2013

Today was a beautiful day.  A bright blue sky.  Some clouds.  Breezy.  Sunday School and church were good.  There were at least two songs I could join the congregation in singing.  There was another that I could sing parts of.  I am curious as to whether my perception of tones is getting better, or what; it was just nice to sing praises to the Lord with other people who love the Lord.

Our son Jeff and his family came over to our house for lunch.  It was not pre-planned; it just worked out.  Most Sundays, they keep another young girl and so she was with us also.  I had made a huge bowl of chicken salad yesterday so we had that and I made grilled cheese sandwiches for those who preferred that choice.  I put cupcakes in the oven for dessert and after we ate I frosted and decorated them.
Off and on some of the kids worked on that in-progress puzzle. 

And the puzzle is still not finished!

 The baby played with the baby dolls. 
 Some of them watched the hummingbirds out the windows of the sewing room. 
Everyone was happy, busy, and well fed. 
 My daughter-in-law and I planned the menu for next Saturday night's birthday
 dinner for my husband's 70th birthday.  It was a great afternoon.

They all stayed until time for the mother of the other little girl to come pick her up after she got off work.  Ron left for a meeting at the church and I went to work in the yard taking care of the birdbaths, ponds, and bird feeders.  I came back in and got my camera set up to photograph some birds.

As for my hearing, I did enjoy the music at church more today than in the past.  Lunch with 8 children around the table can get noisy, even for a deaf person.  I did have to readjust the settings a few time, like when our youngest son called this afternoon.  I continue to struggle to hear on the phone.  But I am trying to practice with it some. 


  1. Great relaxing day! I know you enjoyed having all the grandkids over! We were supposed to go to a goat show in Georgetown but it started raining shortly after midnight and was still pouring at 6:30am when we needed to load up so Lynn and Amy decided not to go. It rained steadily until about 10 then off and on all day. I had from one to three kids in and out. Mostly playing mine craft on the iPad or watching videos. I did a little sewing and watched a little football. I bought myself a present this week....a flat screen HD TV so it's kinda like being there. I think I'll really enjoy it.

    1. Tiny, it sounds like you also had a great weekend. I am sure you will enjoy the TV. Glad the kids spent time with you.

  2. Wonderful pictures of your wonderful family!