Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

Busy Morning, Slow Afternoon
October 15, 2013

My morning started with the coffee pot making a mess.  You know I wouldn't have made a mess, it had to be the coffee pot.  I took care of the bird baths, ponds, and feeders before leaving for the office about 8:45.  Ron had taken my car in for work.  We had asked them yesterday to replace the starter.  They tried starting it several times and decided it didn't need replacing.  When Ron had picked it up yesterday and found they didn't do it, he told them he would bring it back today so they could do it.  It would not start today, so after we got it started, he took it back to them. 

I had several stops to make on the way to the office, but still got there by 9:30.  Ron's 10:00 job cancelled.  He did go to give an estimate on a job and to run some other errands.  I spent much of the day on the project I started yesterday.  I also did a couple of jobs that I always put off doing - things to go to governmental agencies or insurance companies give me ulcers!

I had an inspiring customer this afternoon.  We only shared a few words, but he really inspired and impressed me.  I had been waiting on two other customers when this man came into the office.  I was aware he was there but really didn't pay any attention to him other than to note that I had another man in line, waiting.  When the others left and I looked to him, I noticed for the first time that he had a walker.  It was the kind on wheels and it had a seat.  He had been sitting on that seat, patiently waiting his turn.  He was short and one leg was obviously crippled - whether by birth or injury, I don't know.  He rolled the walker over and showed me a rusted padlock and asked how much to get a key made on it.  I explained that it was made in China and I did not have a blank that would work to cut a key on to open the lock.  He smiled, gave me the lock, and asked me to throw it away.  (I suspect he had found it and hoped to get a cheap key for it.)  I went to the door and opened it for him to leave and then I saw his vehicle.  He had a bicycle (no, actually an adult tricycle) with a basket in the back.  He limped out, lifted his walker and put it in the basket, and got on the tricycle and rode away with a smile. 

My car was ready late afternoon and once they brought it and I headed home to get ready for quilting.  Only one of the ladies came this evening, but she had been out of town for a month and I really enjoyed just visiting with her and catching up on news of our families. 

After quilting, I had a nice long chat with our daughter-in-law, Vickey.  We have tried this method before and it works.  She calls on the phone.  I answer and can hear just bits of what she says, so I get on private message on Facebook.  She types questions and comments and I talk into the phone giving my answers and thoughts.  It puts the work on her as she types  a lot, but typing for me is painful, so this works well.  It was nice to catch up. 


  1. That's a very creative way to visit with Vickey! I know you both enjoyed it.

    1. It works well and cuts the time than if we were both typing, but puts all the typing on them.