Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

Oops!  I Overslept!
October 11, 2013

My day started off late.  I woke before my alarm clock vibrated me awake, so I turned it off.  Then I promptly went back to sleep!  Not a good idea!  Ron left quietly to join our son Jeff for breakfast as they try to do on Fridays.  It was 9:00 before I woke up!  It is very rare that I sleep that late.  There were lots of hummingbirds in the yard this morning.  Maybe migration didn't miss us after all!  They were joined by woodpeckers, warblers, sparrows, ducks, grackles, and doves.  I hated to leave to head to the office.

I texted Ron and told him I would be late and he texted back that it wasn't a problem.  As I was heading to the office about 10:45, my sister called on my cell.  I don't talk on the phone, so I knew something was up.  I was in heavy traffic and knew I couldn't hear her anyway so went on to the office where Ron told me that my sister's message was that my mom's beloved pet dog had died.  So I headed  to Mom's house. 

Thankfully a friend had already arrived and was with Mom.  The friend with Mom has hearing problems and wanted to know all about my Cochlear Implant.  There was so much she didn't understand.  I spent time helping her learn about it as best I could, but it was good to be able to hear her questions.

I spent much of the day at Mom's house helping take care of things.  As I have often said, "What would we do without Christian friends who come to help when needed?"  God provided just the people Mom needed today and they were each such a blessing.  One of my sisters was flying in tonight to stay with Mom a few days.  Mom's little dog, Mac, has been a good companion for many years.  She will miss him.

Once back at the office I had banking chores to take care of and no time.  I did what I could but had to be home to meet the exterminator at 5:00.  While he worked, I cleaned and refilled two of the hummingbird feeders to keep them coming to my house. 

Once the exterminator left I returned to the office to finish my chores and then Ron and I went to take supper to his Mom for her birthday.  Heading home at 8:00, I was exhausted, yet had done very little physical activity all day. 

Our son Dave sent a note that he and his family will be here next weekend for Ron's 70th birthday.  I have not seen them since my Cochlear Implant has been activated.  Dave came to Houston when I had the surgery, but I have not seen any of them since.  It will be nice to hear them as well as see them!

Our daughter-in-law Vickey and I had a nice chat on line tonight.  She and our son Bob have been very sick with bronchitis for a couple of weeks.  It was nice to catch up on the news from them.  They live in Albuquerque where the Hot Air Balloon Festival is going on currently.  Such great photos Bob has shared!  I hope he won't mind me sharing one with you.  I thought this was an appropriate one for me to share.


  1. Love that balloon! Have great memories of going out there for the festival. Karen and I went several times...she has a co-worker who owns a balloon. Then Gene and I went a couple of times.

    My heart goes out to your mom. I know she will be lost without her best friend. So glad she has people around who understand how it hurts to lose a pet you've had for many years. Give her a hug for me.

    1. Isn't that bird balloon cute? I thought it was just right for me to post! Mom will miss Mac. He was a good companion to her.