Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013

The Duck Wars Continue
October 17, 2013

I mentioned the Black-bellie Whistling Tree Ducks in the blog posting for yesterday and explained that I am not bothered by one pair, but the dozen I chased out of the yard yesterday was too many.  Today it was 25 I urged to get in the water and three more met them there.   I had chased the 25 into the water and then started filling the ponds, birdbaths and feeders.  I walked out toward the water and there they were back in the yard trying to hide behind a palm tree. 

So again I chased them into the water. And another group joined them.

On the edges of the group I spotted a pair of Mallards and three Common Moorhens.
In all the commotion, I disturbed this Green Heron that has lived out back for years and years.

They eventually gave up and most of them flew away.  I finished my yard chores and returned to the house.  I just happened to be home for the afternoon. I had asked the housekeeper to come today in place of Saturday since we will be having company.  I do enjoy seeing the birds; I just hate for the ducks to tear up the yard.

Ron had been in and out of the office all morning on assorted jobs and to check on his mother.  I waited on customers, paid bills, filed paperwork, and checked inventory.  Early afternoon I headed home.  During the afternoon besides the yard chores, I baked cookies and cleaned.

Just about the time my helper left I was looking out at the waterfalls and spotted the Wilson's Warbler pair.  Earlier I had seen the black and white warbler.  Such treats!
Male above and female below.
The area that was so sore in my arm yesterday was better during the morning but got bad this afternoon again.  I had very little time for listening practice.  During the evening I had another conversation with Bob and Vickey using the phone and the computer.  Another long day and I still need to do a few things this evening.


  1. This is where Energizer Bunnies go for training!

  2. I agree, Betty! Hard to slow that woman down! I remember the tree ducks out at Rancho Viejo. Gene would fill our big feeder full and they would have it emptied in 30 minutes! They seemed to have one designated to fly up and bang the feeder to make the seeds fall!

    1. You are so right, Tiny. They do all seem to wait on the ground while one goes and knocks the feed down for the rest of them.