Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20, 2013

Celebrating With the Birthday Lady!
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Exhausted last night, I think I was asleep by 10:00.  The only negative was waking at 5:00, unable to go back to sleep.  I was able to take care of things in the backyard and hear the birds happily starting their day.  It was a bonus that the early morning was cool and crisp and the hummingbirds were active.
I was able to get a lot done before we headed to Sunday School.  David's family joined us later for church.  In Sunday School, I was able to hear Ron well as he taught a very good lesson.  But once I got to the auditorium, I really had trouble understanding the pastor.  I did change the settings with the remote for the sound processor, and it helped, but still wasn't great.  
Today we celebrated our daughter-in-law Barbara's birthday.  This celebration may not have been unique or creative, but it was just great to get to celebrate together as a family.  Barbara is married to our son Jeff, who is our second son.  They are the very proud parents of our seven grandchildren.  Our son David (our 3rd son) was here for the weekend with his wife, Diana, and Diana's niece and nephew who live with them.  What a fun time we had all weekend!

For lunch, to celebrate Barbara's birthday, we decided to go to Chili's.  I enjoy their food, but the place is noisy.  It was very hard to hear my daughter-in-law Diana, right across the table from me.  It was 1:10 when we arrived at Chili's (needing a table for 15), 2:10 when we got served, and 3:10 when we left.  The kids were tired after being up late the night before, but they all behaved wonderfully and we all had an enjoyable lunch.

We came home and David loaded up the car while Diana and I took some photos of the birds.  She had taken some great ones of a Green Jay and a couple of other birds this morning.  The Budgerigar (budgie) pair showed up together.  There is a green one that I think is the male since he has been scouting for a home for a couple of weeks.  The other is a beautiful blue, and I assume that one is the female.  She has been around a few times, but today is the first time I have photographed her.

You may recall that a few weeks ago the male budgie kept checking out the hole the woodpecker was digging  in a tree, and that the woodpecker let him know the place was taken.  The budgie found a damaged place in the tree and tried to climb in it, but it did not appear deep enough.  Today I saw him climb in and disappear.  That hole is just below the bird in the photo above.  The female is on a nail supporting a hanger for a hanging basket.  I have considered moving it but they seem to be using that wire coming in and out of the hole.  I don't know if he has been working on the hole when I wasn't around or what, but he was trying to coax the female into the hole.  While I was watching, she looked in and checked around it, but didn't go in.  She may have done so later. 
In this photo, the male is just coming out of the hole.  The hole extends down from where his tail is in this photo.  I hope they stay and raise a family there.  This is right out my sewing room window.  I will have a front seat for watching them and the woodpeckers.
When we got home, I had gone out in the yard to check the ponds and the pair of budgies flew and landed in a tree above me.  I heard them!  I HEARD them.  What fun they are going to be.

The hummingbirds were also very active today and noisy.  I could hear them calling to each other - or yelling at each other - not sure which.  I continue to enjoy watching and listening to them.  Diana has a new camera and I think she had fun trying it out on the birds. 

After they left, I checked my email and settled in the recliner for a nap.  I woke up at 9:00 this evening!  That is why I hate naps!  Now it is midnight and I am wide awake!

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