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May 31, 2016

A Nice Day
May 31, 2016

Many of the zinnias Ron planted are ready to bloom.

Ron had to get me up early since I needed to open the office for the day.  He had a regular check up with the heart doctor.  His results were good and he doesn't have to go back for a year.  That is always good news, if I can just keep track of the appointment for a year!

When I arrived to open the office there was a man waiting to have a key made for his car since he had lost his.  We don't do that type of job; we mostly work on commercial businesses and government offices.  I gave him a couple of business cards for men who might be able to help him.  Then he just kept wanting to hang around and wait.  He was very hard for me to understand; his speech was not clear.  It took a while before he decided to leave.  Once he left I started on a couple of end of the month chores.

Ron came in after about an hour.  He had a couple of jobs waiting for him.  He worked on them off and on all day while I helped with customers so he could focus on the jobs he was doing.

When Ron went to the doctor I had asked him to ask the doctor about a medication the doctor had prescribed for me and the doctor decided to switch to another one.  The pharmacy called about noon to say the new medication was ready so I went to pick it up and then went to Staples for a couple of items.

When I returned, Ron had a customer who was from our Sunday School class.  The man had been out Sunday and so I told him he had been missed.  We all talked for a long time, with Ron and me taking turns with the customers.  We had a fun visit and enjoyed the conversation.  It is always a treat to have a friend come in with time to visit.

Again, this was one of those times when I enjoy visiting with people since I can hear most of what they say.  The same thing happened at Staples.  The clerk who waited on me commented about a small storage container I was purchasing.  She said she had gotten one like it for her Grandmother to use.  I told her mine was for quilting projects.  She said her grandmother's was for craft projects.  The grandmother had recently suffered a very severe stroke, but was making some small owls (crochet I think) that she gave to staff members at the hospital where she is a patient.  As I have said before, these conversations are a treat since I avoided them for so many years when my hearing made it too difficult to enjoy the conversations.
Two months ago this hibiscus bush looked straggly
 and now it is beautiful and getting bigger.

Ron went out on a job mid-afternoon and once he was back, I left for home.  At the house, I had my supper and then spent about 30 minutes working in the yard.  I found the first blooming zinnia and it turned out to be from the patch Ron planted a couple of weeks after I planted mine!  The area he used had some very rich soil and you can sure tell the difference where they are compared to the rest of the yard.

During the late afternoon I got several texts about severe flooding and hail storms around the state and some not too far away from us.  It has been a hard year for the state of Texas.  After years of drought many places are seeing torrential rains and flooding.  Ron was late getting home after spending time with his mother.  Her progress in walking has slowed, but she continues to do well with the breathing problems.
I had about given up on this hibiscus bush.

Later in the evening I fell asleep in the recliner and woke about 1:30 a.m. realizing I had not taken my evening medications.  As I sat there thinking about it, I saw we were in the midst of a lightening storm with rain.  The trees were blowing, but the rain was not real heavy at our house.  We got about 1 inch of rain.  Without my sound processor, I could not hear any thunder, but I understand we had some.

A lot of young sparrows are out and about.  
The feeders are staying crowded.

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