Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 29 & 30, 2016

Days Seem to Repeat Themselves
June 29 & 30, 2016

1,000 Pyramid Quilt 
The days seem to be repeating themselves.  I know the date on the calendar changes, but the days seem like a rerun of the previous ones.  Ron was again at his mother's house, so I have been getting myself up.  Yesterday I slept later than I should have but today I was up about the time Ron normally gets me up.  
Flower bed before I started picking

This morning after breakfast and a shower I decided to go out and pick zinnias and let my hair dry in the heat while I did that.  The problem was, when I came in, the hair was wetter than when I had started.  It was so very hot and humid that I was a sweaty mess.  I did pick 125+ flowers today.  I had to take a break about 1/2 way through because of the heat and my back was hurting from leaning over to get the flowers.  There was one red one in the middle of the patch I just could not reach.

When I had finished, I sent Ron a text and told him if he wasn't too busy, I was going to make arrangements before coming to the office.  They turned out nicely and I was able to make 6 nice sized arrangements. 

Yesterday at the office, was rather quiet.  Today was busier and Ron was out on a job a couple of times.  Some of our service calls come from call centers and they may say something like: fix drawer in desk.  It may turn out to be that they lost the key.  Or it could say, "Front door won't open."  Again, it may be that they lost the key and so they can't open the door.  That type of thing was what he had on the job today.  The work order did not come close to the problem so he had to return for different tools and supplies.

I stayed busy while he was out, waiting on customers.  During the summers, we see more children in the shop as they accompany their parents on errands.  Some of them are cute as can be.  Others may be cute, but mischievous.  We really have to keep an eye on them because there are too many ways they can get hurt in the office and parents don't always watch the children.

Yesterday after work we met our friends for supper.  When we were at the restaurant last week, I had misplaced the remote to my sound processor.  I really needed it because some things can only be changed in the sound processor with the remote.  I was pretty sure that I had left it there when I got ready that night to recharge all the items.  When I got to the restaurant last night, I asked the lady if it had been turned in.  She started going through drawers and boxes filled with forgotten items.  Sure enough, they found it.  I was delighted.  I have another one, but they are expensive to replace.

Since I have nothing else to do (joke) I started a new quilt yesterday.  I will share pictures in a few days when I get a little more done.  Also, my friend Dolores brought back my quilt that she had been quilting.  She did a great job.  The pattern is 1,000 Pyramids.  She did a very nice job.  Now I need to bind it - along with the other 4 or 5 that are waiting for binding.

In the afternoon yesterday, I came home to wait for the a/c man to come install a new expansion valve (I think).  After he got here, he decided that the problem seems to have taken care of itself, so he is going to take a wait and see attitude and hopefully won't have to replace the part.  That is fine with me.

Today was the last day of the month and so I did a few little preliminary preparations for the things I will start on tomorrow, to do the billing and balance the books, etc.  I also had spent time balancing my own check book. 

At the house I am making a little progress on the backlog of house work to be done.  While at the house waiting on the a/c man, I was able to do some laundry as well as eat my lunch.  I am currently caught up on the laundry and was caught up on dishes until Ron went around at home and office collecting empty coffee cups.
The smallest of today's arrangements

Using my wireless phone clip this evening I was able to talk to our youngest son and got most of what he said.  They are close to the end of their marathon remodel.  The job was to be finished in April and here we are on the door step of July.  Hopefully soon!  I also used the phone clip to order refills on a couple of prescriptions this evening.  That is the first time I have done that since before I lost my hearing.

Well, I only have about an hour and a half left of June (one of my favorite months).  I guess I like it because of our anniversary. 

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