Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

Another Work Week Ends
June 24, 2016

This morning I had to get myself up since Ron was at his Mom's.  I got up about 7:30.  I was waiting to hear from the a/c repairman and he said he would be here but did not know when.  It turned out to be 4:00 this afternoon.

I had gone to the office about 10:30 and worked on some bookkeeping while Ron ran errands for his mom.  I stayed very busy with customers while he was out.  Around 1:00 Ron said I could go home to wait for the repairman.  I finished what I was working on and then headed home.

A few minutes after I got home, Ron called to tell me he left his cell phone at home.  I took it to him and returned home again.  It was about 4:00 when the repairman came with two of his helpers.  They decided that a valve inside the unit is bad and he will have to order the part.  Of course it was too late to order it today, but he will order it on Monday. 

After they left it was almost time to go to supper with my mom and my brother and his wife.  We all met at Pepe's.  Ron was a little late, having gone to pick up some supper for his mom before he came.  When I got home I decided to pick zinnias since I had not done so in a couple of days.  I picked 75.  Mom, my brother and his wife drove by to see the flower bed before they headed to Mom's. 

Our oldest son called and we chatted for a while.  I did laundry and then arranged the flowers I had cut earlier.  They made 4 lovely arrangements.  Each zinnia is unique.  I do enjoy working with them.

The photo at the top is the quilt I had quilted by my friend earlier this week.  I still need to put the border on it.  It is another fun, whimsical quilt like I most enjoy.  The blue and white fabric is under consideration for another quilt.


  1. You are inspiring me! I've pulled out the log cabin and torn the blocks apart aand redid them. Hopefully it will go together better now. Glad Margaret is able to be at home. But guess that makes it a little harder on Ron. Is Carmens sister coming back to stay with her?

    1. As I recall, you and I took a Texas Two Step quilt class together. I pulled it out this afternoon and am adding a border to it. Hope to get the border done this weekend. Silvia is working for Margaret, but is only there a few hours a day. Ron is busy!