Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20 & 21, 2016

Week Off to a Slow Start
June 20 & 21, 2016

There are been lots of doves in the yard the last few weeks.
My work week was off to a slow start, but I think it was probably me that was slow.  Business has been a little slow.  Last week had picked up and Ron was out a lot on jobs.  Monday he was also out a good bit, but today was slow and he was in the office.  It made it even slower for me since he waited on most of the customers.

Monday was one of those day where I just could not get moving.  It was about noon before I got there.  I had been up early and was dressed and ready to go, but just could not get going.  I spent the afternoon working on bookkeeping. 

One of the many baby sparrows in the yard.

At home in the evening Monday, I cooked some chicken breasts to have on hand for sandwiches or chicken and rice.  They are so good.  

Today I got to the office earlier.  I did some reading and some cleaning.  I had done some sweeping yesterday afternoon, but as always, my desk was hiding.  I have made a little progress on that.  Each evening I spent a little time in the yard, but the mosquitoes continue to be vicious. 
The moon Sunday night as we drove home from McAllen

Tonight when Ron got home (about 9:00) he found the a/c drain was stopped up and overflowing.  I had just had my bath, but dressed and went to store for some bleach for the air conditioner, and ice that I needed.  There is a dollar store close by so I got the bleach there and the ice at a corner convenience store. 

Ron's mother should be going home from the rehab facility Thursday afternoon.  She is doing so much better.  She had been on oxygen at home for a couple of months and is now off of it completely.  She has lost come weight.  She looks great.  BUT she is still weak from so long in the hospital and rehab. 

I picked 50+ zinnias yesterday morning before going to the office.  There will probably be that many to pick tomorrow.  Such lovely colors!

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