Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 14 - 18, 2016

Busy Week
June 14 - 18, 2016

Some how this busy week just slid past me without me keeping up on the blog entries.  My original reason for the blog had to do with hearing issues.  Basically now there are not major changes, but sometimes there will be small issues.  I continue to thank God when I am able to carry on a conversation with a customer at the office.  Of course it is good to hear my family and to carry on conversations with friends.  There are some events that make it more special to be able to hear.

In the last few days, Ron has been out of the office more often on jobs, so I need to be able to understand the customers.  One customer this week was a man probably around 60 years old who came in mostly to talk.  He showed me a small molded square he carries in his pocket.  On it was a cross and a scripture.  He said we gave it to him about 15 years ago.  He said he had gone to Iraq for 8 years after that, constantly carrying it in his pocket all the time.

After the 8 years of being employed as a contractor and working at the U. S. Embassy there, the stress caught up with him and he was sent home by a doctor who said he was suffering PTSD.  He spent a few years fighting the memories of his 8 years there even though he had not been in battle.  Now he is doing well and praising God for getting him through the rough times.  As you can tell, I love to hear these stories of God's grace, strength, and love.

The week at work for me, was mostly spent on clearing up the end of the previous month's accounting.  I had a couple of problems with the books that took a while to work out. 

Tuesday I took Mom to her lung doctor and on Friday I had an appointment with the dermatologist.  Both of us got good reports.  Thursday night we went to supper with our friends and Friday night to supper with Mom and then to grocery shopping with Mom. 

Ron goes to the nursing home where his mom is at least twice a day to check on her.  They will probably dismiss her about Thursday.  Ron will probably spend the nights there until he is comfortable with how she is doing. 

The zinnias are blooming beautifully.  So far I have picked over 260, cutting 60 today, and then making three flower arrangements.  The miniature roses are blooming well again.  I have about a dozen in an arrangement that I fixed this afternoon.  We have both been taking zinnias to our mothers and to the office.  I plan to take some to McAllen tomorrow.

Today I spent all afternoon in the kitchen baking.  I have a couple of cakes to take to McAllen for a Father's Day lunch with our son's family.  It will be good to see them. 

The birds have been very active in the yard today.  There are a lot of baby birds learning how to manage flying and eating at the bird feeders.  I like this young grackle.  He may be a baby, but he is big.

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