Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016

Quiet & Quilting Saturday
June 25, 2016

Since Ron was not here to wake me up this morning, I slept until 10:00.  I was just eating breakfast when Ron came home from staying at his mom's house overnight, and he joined me for breakfast.  He went to Loop Farms to get me some bird seed and just before he left we had a very nice rain for about 15 minutes, complete with rolling thunder and lightening. 

After that Ron returned to his mom's house to spend the rest of the day trimming trees in her yard.  While he was gone, I went to get milk, eggs and my lunch.  I spent the afternoon reading and going through some quilt projects in progress and finally decided on one to finish.  I am going to add a border to it so it will be a little longer.  The pattern is called the Texas Two Step and my friend Tiny and I took a class on it in Houston a few years ago.  I have the body of the quilt complete, but it does need a border or two.  I may do a small inner border, but not sure yet.

I spent about 30 minutes working in the yard, pulling some weeds after the rain and filling feeders and ponds.  It was hot and muggy so I did not stay out long.  The birds were delighted to have the feeders filled and flitted through the yard all afternoon.

Ron came back after he finished his mother's yard work and cleaned up before going back over there.  We each had leftovers for supper.  I spent the evening working on the borders for the quilt.  I think I have chosen an idea for it and have about 1/2 of it pieced. 

Somehow I think I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I was sitting in my recliner and heard a bird singing outside, through the closed window and over the a/c noise in the house.  It was a different song and it was beautiful.  I was not able to locate him, but was so pleased I could hear it and to discern the different notes in the melody.

As for hearing music (like in church), things are a little better.  Not perfect yet, but still improving for which I am thankful.  I am not ready to sit through a concert, especially of music I don't know, but I am encouraged.


  1. Wonder where my Texas Two Step is? Dang ! Your reminder will have me going through boxes today!!!

    1. Find it and post a photo on FB. I have worked on mine some this evening, but slept ALL afternoon.