Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 26 - 28, 2016

Summertime, Summertime...
June 26 - 28, 2016

Note the zinnia I am about to pick is taller than my waist.

Summertime is rather predictable around here.  Hot and Humid.  June usually brings rains and we have had those.  Currently we are getting brief afternoon showers at random times and random places.  The difference this year is that winter and spring rains set us up for a beautiful summer.  Yards are green flowers are blooming.  Trees and shrubs are taking over the yards so there are piles in most yards of trimmings waiting to be collected by the big trucks that come around each month to pick them up.
Thunder and clouds, but no rain for us today.

My days continue to be busy, but my energy level is low.  I spend a little time in the yard every day, but not as much as it needs.  Yesterday I picked 100 zinnias from Ron's garden.  They are so pretty.  I try to pull a few weeds each time I am out there and I am sure I will not run out of them.  When we water the zinnias, we are also watering the weeds.   The zinnias are now over waist high on me.

Sunday I managed to get myself up with Ron being at his mom's.  As usual I continue to be sleepy.  I hope to talk to one of my doctors soon to talk about the sleep problem.  The church service was good.  We had a group who had been serving in Honduras for about 10 days and they shared a video of their work there.

Following church, Ron and I picked up lunch for us and his mom.  Then he brought me home.  Following my lunch, I went to sleep and slept until he woke me at 8:30 in the evening.  He had spent the afternoon trimming trees again at his mom's.  I fixed my supper and did a little sewing as I am working on a border for a quilt top I made in a class in Houston about 5 years ago.

Monday I spent the day at the office.  The afternoon was a little busier than the morning.  I worked on bookkeeping and a little cleaning.  At home after work, I picked the flowers I mentioned earlier, fixed my supper and worked on the area where I store in progress and future quilt projects.  I got a quilt ready for Dolores to work on.  She picked it up today (Tuesday) at the office and she will probably have ready tomorrow.
Chachalaca adult male
This morning I saw one of the chachalacas out near the elephant fountain and was delighted to see a baby chachalaca with it.  Cute little critter.  The coloring was similar to the black-bellied whistling duck babies, but it had the chachalaca feet.  Long claws.
Baby Chachalaca hiding in the shrubs.
Look at those claws on the feet.
Going through Facebook Sunday evening, I saw that the pastor from the church where our son and his family are members, in McAllen, had posted some assorted clips of activities at the church.  I was delighted to see that our second oldest grandson had led in the morning prayer in the church worship service that day.  He has really matured both physically and spiritually in the new location.  All of their family has adjusted so well.  We sure do miss them!

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