Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016

A Good Day at the Office
June 9, 2016

Another zinnia  
Ron and I are enjoying them
Last night Ron asked if I wanted him to wake me this morning.  I asked him to wake me but not to make me get up.  If I was too sleepy I was going back to sleep.  I was and I did.  I was still sleepy so I quickly returned to sleep for 3 more hours.  Once I got up I felt better than I have lately.  I ate breakfast before showering and then finished getting ready for work only to realize that I could not find the car keys. 

Last night I picked up Mom's car to use while mine was in for a new water pump.  I could not find her keys.  Finally found the key and remote under the recliner.  I have no idea how it got there but I was just glad to find it.

It was not too long after I got to the office that Ron left to go up the valley on a job.  The afternoon was not real busy, but I had several customers and had time to talk to a couple of them.  One was the man who owns the store that burned last week.  We had a good long talk.  He has not decided what to do.  He had done everything possible to protect his place including a check list he goes through everyday before leaving and had just had a fire inspection the previous month.  It looks like the fire started outside the building.  It is so sad when you spend your life building up your business and then you lose it in a matter of hours.
Fire last week

Another customer was talking so fast I just could not understand him.  When I was finally able to explain to him that I just could not understand him when he talked so fast, he tried to slow down.  Old habits die hard.  He would do well for one sentence and then was back at full speed ahead.  By the time he left we were both laughing about how different speech patterns are in different parts of the country. 

Ron and I had supper with the friends we cancelled out on last night.  I had to lock up the office since he had been up the valley and just met me at the restaurant.  After supper we returned Mom's car to her and he headed to visit his mom and I headed home. 

It came up for discussion at supper that at the two places we had evening meals in San Antonio, I had no trouble hearing while just about everywhere in Brownsville gives me trouble.  I did not use the microphone in San Antonio, but have to here in Brownsville.  Part of the problem is the number of restaurants that have installed television sets and many play music.  Interesting.

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