Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 4, 2016

Lazy, Rainy Saturday
June 4, 2016

Another heavy shower
It is not unusual for Brownsville to get lots of rain in early June.  When I woke at 9:00 this morning, I thought it was a lot earlier because it was fairly dark outside.  When I looked out the window, it was raining.  The rest of the day was on again off again as far as the rain was concerned.  I think we have had between 4 - 5 inches of rain over the last week and rain is in the forecast for the next week.
About the third rain of the day.
For the next few hours, I napped off and on and read some.  It was 2:00 before I became active and started cleaning the kitchen.   I had lots of clean dishes to put away.  Ron had gone to see his mother in the morning and got caught in one of the rain showers.  He went again in the evening and got caught in another one.  It was that kind of day.  I didn't leave the house all day.
Just at sunset the sun broke through the
 clouds and highlighted the tops of the trees.
I enjoyed hearing the rain and the thunder during the day.  I enjoyed relaxing.  Our rain is more than some people want.  It is probably a little hard on the farmers.  But we are not suffering as much as many parts of the state of Texas. 
Sunlight in the tree tops

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