Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 1, 2016

A New Month
June 1, 2016

 An assortment of photos from May 2016

Time flies when you are having fun.  Sometimes it just flies anyway.  For us, somehow May was jam packed.  Many of the things would have been hard if not impossible to do without being able to hear.  The month started with me finishing at stay with five of the grandchildren while their parents and two of their siblings went to visit their other grandfather who lives in Kansas.
Playing while basketball practice takes place.
The next weekend was our oldest grandson's graduation and the following weekend included two ballet recitals.  Then we had one weekend we went to San Antonio for a four day weekend that included all of our sons and their wives.  Then the last weekend of the month was a graduation party for our oldest grandson in McAllen.  Maybe some of that  explains why I was so tired all month.  Tired or not, it was a very special and memorable month.  Any month where I have time with all of the family is a Gold Star Month!
Proud parents at graduation!
Squeezed in that month were a lot of doctor visits and blood tests and a CT scan all resulting in good reports with the exception of a couple of very minor issues. Also in that month Ron was making usually two visits a day to check on his mother first in one hospital and later in another rehab/hospital.  Usually he would go before and after work, but there were times he was going more often.
At Cracker Barrel after dance recitals
Ron's sister's husband spent most of the month in a Dallas hospital for surgery and a long list of complications.  Maybe I should let Ron write this blog because his stress level should be sky high.  The San Antonio trip did both of us a lot of good.  We so appreciate our children all working things out so they could be with us.  We are so blessed that they love us so much and love being with us and their brothers.  Laughter was the most common sound of that weekend.
Family gathering in San Antonio
The first day of June found us at the office and busy with customers much of the day.  Ron spent much of the morning and early afternoon on a job that he will have to return to complete.  That means I waited on a lot of the customers.  I did not have time to get the statements in the mail so that is the next goal.  I tried to spend some time each day in the yard working on keeping the plants watered and weeded.
Flowers in May were outstanding
When Ron got home from visiting his mom, he said that they are working on making arrangements to move her to a different facility for more concentrated physical therapy.  At this point, she is through with the additional treatments for the pneumonia but not strong enough to go home alone.  Their hope is to do that in the next few days.
Birds were fun, too.

At home, I spent time in the yard morning and evening.  We had a strong storm Tuesday night with strong winds and there are a lot of small limbs to be picked up in the yard.  Much of the backyard is covered with the beautiful orange blooms from the Royal Poinciana tree.

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