Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 7 & 8, 2016

Time to Come Home
June 7 & 8, 2016

Ron's zinnia flower bed
Tuesday morning, we slept a little late.  The motel we have stayed at on our last two trips to San Antonio isn't too far from our son's house (maybe 5 - 10 minutes depending on traffic).  We like the location: across the street from a mall, one exit from the high school where our daughter-in-law teaches, and there is a Bar-B-Q restaurant right in front of the motel.  Sounds like some good planning.
On the horizon, you can see several rain showers

We went to the Bar-B-Q place for breakfast.  I enjoy their brisket tacos for breakfast, or lunch, or supper.  After enjoying a relaxing breakfast we loaded the car, checkout out, and went shopping.  I was able to find some more work clothes.  Just before heading home Ron took me to a quilt shop for some last minute shopping.  He left me there longer than I expected so I had more shopping time than I needed.  I did more shopping than I needed. 
Pretty clouds on the way home
The trip home was more relaxing than the one up there.  The traffic was lighter and the weather was fine.  We had some rain on the way up  but only sprinkles on the way home.  Ron asked if I would go with him to see his mom on the way home so he would not have to get back out once he got home.  I agreed and we had a nice visit.  She is looking much better and is feeling good.  They are preparing to move her to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks.

Once we got home we unloaded the car and I think we both went to sleep early.  It was a great weekend, but we were tired.  Ron did all the driving, so I know he had to be exhausted.
One of the many windmill farms along the coast in South Texas
Wednesday morning Ron went by the rehab/hospital  before going to the office.  I eventually got to the office but continued to be exhausted.  I accomplished very little.  We had planned to go out to eat with friends, but the hospital called Ron that they were going to move his mom that evening, so he cancelled our plans and went there while I went to see my mom and to see if she needed groceries.  She said she could wait until Friday night.

I came home from her house and unpacked and worked in the kitchen for a while.  I did a little housework and a couple of loads of laundry.  It was very late by the time Ron got home. 
While Ron and I were out of town, the zinnias he had planted started really blooming well.  I picked a dozen the night we got home and another dozen the next evening.  During the afternoon we had about 3/4 of an inch of rain Wednesday and the yard needed it. 

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