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October 31, 2015

Leaving Houston
October 31, 2015

Ron was up early to check the weather.  He went to the lobby about 7:00 and it was crowded with people checking out.  Overnight, downtown Houston had between 4 and 7 inches or rain, depending on exactly where you were.  I had stayed up late the night before packing things in a way to keep them as dry as possible in case we had to load in the rain.

At 8:00 we went down to check out and no one was waiting, so Ron quickly checked out.  The very nice valet, Mo, was there to help as he was the day we checked in.  He was such a nice, helpful young man, and fun to talk to.  He got our car and brought it to the front, helped load it and all through that we were only getting sprinkles or rain.

By the time Ron closed his door to start the car, the rain started to pour.  We headed out of town as another band of rain brought heavy showers.  A few times heading out the Southwest Freeway, the rain was blinding.  Thankfully, it was Saturday and the traffic was light.  We were in and out of rain until south of Victoria.  I napped some as Ron did the driving.

Lunch was at a Bill Miller restaurant at 5 Points, near Corpus and Robstown.  We did a little shopping at the Wal-mart in that area where I picked up Halloween candy for the grandchildren.  We arrived at our son's home in McAllen about 4:30 to spend the night.  Our son and his oldest son were doing yard work and I stayed out and helped on a beautiful afternoon.  I weeded a flowerbed and helped bad all the yard clippings and weeds.

The younger children were all out in the back portion of the neighboring property checking on the horse that lives there and playing.  They were joined by a cousin of theirs, and the son of the owner of the horse.  Jeff and Barb got ready to go out to supper with some of Barb's family and we stayed with the children. 

The girls and I went through the fabric that I had bought.  They sorted them by designs and patterns (dots, stripes, etc.)  They had a good time admiring all of them.  Even the youngest stacked them by how they were folded (triangles, rectangles, squares).  The kids and I fixed supper and they all ate very well.

When our son and his wife returned, we visited for a while and got some of the clocks changed, since it was that time of the year.

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