Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 6 & 7, 2015

Another Rainy Weekend
November 6, & 7, 2015

Lately it seems that all the weekends have been rainy while the week days have been warm and sunny.  Yesterday was cloudy and today was rainy after about noon.  We had a nice rain early in the afternoon and then the winds picked up and it began to cool off just a little.

Friday I got to the office about 11:00.  I had been up much of the night and then went back to sleep just before Ron got up and he left me sleeping.  Last night I slept much better.  No nap today, so maybe I will sleep well tonight.

Friday at the office, Ron was out a couple of times on jobs and one of the times, I stayed at the counter working with customers the entire time he was gone.  It was mid afternoon before I got to the planned chores of the day.  I had several things I needed to do dealing with the company that handles the processing of the credit card charges we accept from our customers.  I worked on those for a couple of hours and was then ready to balance the checkbook.

It is amazing that for years I have VERY rarely had any trouble balancing the bank statements, but the last couple of months have been the pits.  This time I could not find one of the deposits of those charges on the bank statement and there were a couple of other oddities.  Ron has to make my phone calls, so he called the company to see what a couple of items were that we did not understand.  This month there was an item that said "-$34.95, adjustment".  Nothing I saw was for that amount.  It turned out to be two items that they had charged us in error and after Ron called it to their attention, they said they straightened it out. 

The second item was about $65.00 added to our account last month that said refund declined.  A customer had come in and bought some items for about $65.  He later returned them and bought something else instead for about $38.  We did a refund of the original amount on the credit card machine and then charged the new item.  For some reason, they never gave the customer the credit.  So they said they would correct that.  I am now going to have to really go through those reports each month with a fine tooth comb.

 By the time I had done all that, it was almost closing time and I was trying to get the bank statement done before we closed.  It was just too messed up with the errors from the credit card company and I will have to finish it Monday.  All the reports are done and ready to go to the accountant as soon as I have the checkbook balanced and a letter written to the accountant trying to explain the mess the credit card provider made.

We joined our friends for supper and had a good visit although it was short.  They were running late waiting for their grandchildren to be picked up and the restaurant we chose closed earlier than we like.  We usually sit around and drink tea and talk for a long time after we eat.

This morning I was up early and the cloudy skies made it darker than usual.  About 7:30 I went to the grocery store and then came home and spent a few minutes working on the feeders and ponds in the yard.  They mosquitoes were working on me. 

Back inside, I sewed briefly and then cooked some chicken breasts that I had bought  and before long fixed lunch of the chicken, corn, and potatoes.  Ron isn't feeling well and slept through it after I had gotten it done.  I think he has a touch of what I have had.

I took the string quilt off the design wall yesterday and put up a Christmas quilt I had intended to finish last year.  I now have 3 of the 7 rows together and I love it.  I sewed for a little bit, read briefly, sewed some more, and am exhausted.

Mid afternoon, I started baking cookies for a dinner we were to attend tonight, but Ron called them and said we would not make it.  I still don't have much of a voice.  The cough has been better today, but still a problem.  Five nose bleeds today have about driven me nuts.  I think they are from a medication the doctor put me on this week and I took the last one tonight.  Hopefully that will be the end of the nose bleeds.

I took the cookies I had baked to the home where the party was to be and left them to be enjoyed.  They were chocolate chip cookies and I am off chocolate still and Ron doesn't eat many sweets.

Probably the nicest part of the day was the birds.  I could hear them in the trees while I worked in the yard.  I had a very good variety of birds today.  We had: doves, Green Jays, woodpeckers, sparrows, Yellow Warblers, Great Kiskadees, Summer Tanager, Tufted titmice, grackles, and a cute little Ovenbird that I think is the same one that has come for several years.  I tried a few photos early in the day but the windows were so dirty the photos were terrible.  While I was in the yard a little later, I cleaned the windows and that helped a lot.  So enjoy the bird photos like I enjoyed watching and listening to the birds today.  Life is good.  God is so good to us. 

"Are you taking my picture - AGAIN!"

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