Sunday, November 22, 2015

November 22, 2015

Fantastic Day at Church!
So Much to be Thankful For
November 22, 2015

This little girl has been singing solos in church for several years.  
She is a sweet, happy child and I enjoy her.

What an blessed time at church this morning!  Our Sunday School class had a very good attendance and great discussion.  We continue our study in the book of Revelation.

The worship service started with the Children's Christmas Musical.  It was early this year, but that is because it was about Operation Christmas Child and this was the last Sunday to bring the filled shoe boxes for children around the world.

Our church is blessed with an very talented young woman who directs this choir and as always, they did a great job.  We have so many children with the talent and confidence to do solos, duets, and trios.

Just after the service started, in walked an answer to the prayers of many of you who read this blog and follow my Facebook page:  Tate - a young military veteran who grew up in our church and has faced a lot of physical challenges since his return from serving over seas.  Tate came home with a malignant brain tumor and has spent the last couple of years dealing with it. He still has a ways to go in his recovery, but to see him at church, smiling, laughing with friends, greeting people who have faithfully prayed, was something to be thankful for at any time of the year.
Here is Tate with his lovely wife.  I so admire them both.  God is good.

Here is their precious little girl.  She is totally at home in a doctor's office or rehab facilities, as she accompanies Mom and Dad on the almost daily appointments.  God was so gracious to give them this outstanding gift to fill the hard days with laughter and joy.  She is just what the doctor ordered to lift their spirits.

We picked up lunch on our way home and enjoyed our lunch together.  Ron slept the afternoon away and I read.  This evening I worked on the binding for the quilt in progress.  Never have I felt that the binding added as much to the look of the quilt as this one.  I love the way it frames it and ties it all together.

My sister who is visiting my mom has decided to stay all week and will be with Mom for Thanksgiving.  My sister's husband will fly in Thanksgiving afternoon and we will all get together for dinner that evening.  That allows Ron and me to be with his mother for lunch.  I am so glad God worked this all out this way.  We will have Ron and me, Janet and her husband, Mom, and my sister Debbie's husband, Jim together for dinner that evening.  That is a fun bunch.

The neatest thing happened this afternoon.  I got a text message from our daughter-in-law in McAllen.  She included a photo of their oldest daughter, in the kitchen, mixing a fruit salad that is a recipe that I use.  Many years ago I made cookbooks for our boys of family favorites and this fruit salad is in the book.  In the photo, she is spooning the salad into a pretty serving bowl and the cookbook is open in front of her.  I taught her how to make that salad when she was staying with me to help me after I broke my elbow, 2 1/2 years ago.  The photo just melted my heart.  I wish I could share it, but I don't know how to get it from a message on my phone, into my computer. (Later: daughter-in-law emailed it!)

Their church was having a Thanksgiving meal this afternoon and our daughter-in-law and the two oldest girls each signed up to take something.  That is where the fruit salad was going.  I hear it was well received.  It has been a great Lord's Day!

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