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November 15 & 16, 2015

A Quick Trip to Houston
November 15 & 16, 2015

Our motel on the way to Houston
Once a year I am to return to the Houston Ear Research Foundation so that the sound processors and remotes can be reprogrammed.  We had tried to get an appointment for the time we would be in Houston for the International Quilt Festival, but did not call soon enough and there were no openings at that time.  That meant that we needed to make a return trip to Houston for a 1 - 2 hour appointment.

Sunday at church, things went well.  Our class had a good attendance and the lesson was good.  The worship service was good with a very good message.  We had a baptism during the service and that is always good to see.

Ron and I picked up lunch on the way home, and as we ate lunch, we started discussing the possibility of leaving Sunday afternoon instead of very early Monday morning.  There was a good chance of rain along our route for Monday so in the end, we decided to leave about 4:00 that afternoon.  While I finished the quilt top I was making, Ron went to the office and made reservations for us to stay in Victoria overnight.  We were able to get ready and get on the road just after 4:00.
Where we stayed in Victoria

Traffic was  heavy for the drive  to Victoria.  I read as Ron drove and he listened to an audio book.  We had not stayed at this motel before, but found it to be very nice and it met our needs well.  We relaxed and read a little, but were both tired and went to sleep shortly after we got there.

The motel had a good breakfast served in their breakfast room.  We had waffles and biscuits.  Ron added sausage and scrambled eggs to his.  We were on the road just after 7:00.  Again, the traffic was heavy, but moved well.  We got to Houston around 9:15. 

Our first stop was the Houston Garden Center where we shopped for plants with their 70% off sale.  They were making room for the load of Christmas trees, due that afternoon.  Across the street from there is one of the quilt shops that I frequent.  I was able to buy the fabric for the back of the quilt top I had finished the afternoon before.

There is a store in the same strip mall that Ron likes so he shopped at his store and I shopped at mine.  Then we made another stop at a shop he wanted to check out while I waited in the car reading.  (I did finish 2 books on the trip). 

From there, we went to the warehouse of one of our suppliers to return some merchandise and Ron bought some other things.  Again I sat in the car and read.  Lunch was next on the agenda and we found a Chick-fil-A that was not too crowded for being the noon hour.  Our table was near the children's play area and I enjoyed watching some adorable children without having to be responsible for any of them.

The last stop before we went to my appointment was at a grocery store.  This particular store serves people of many different ethnic groups and we love going there.  They always have interesting things for sale and the customers are a microcosm of the people of the world.  We bought several items and then went to the office of the Houston Ear Research Foundation for my 2:00 appointment.

The audiologist who always helps me is named Shari and as always we had a good visit with her.  She did the "mapping" of my hearing and reprogrammed my Cochlear Sound Processors and remotes.  I had gotten a newsletter from them just a day or two before our trip and it mentioned wireless accessories that are now available.  I asked Shari about them and she was able to demonstrate them for me.  One is for the telephone and the other is for a microphone. 

After she showed me how they work, we decided to buy both of them that day and save about 15% over buying them one at a time.  They needed to have the batteries charged, so we were not able to program them while I was there.  It was 4:15 when we left and started our trip home.  Leaving Houston, traffic was very heavy and bumper to bumper but once we were out of the Houston/Sugarland area, traffic thinned out.  We made a couple of stops for gas and food and arrived home at 10:15. 

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