Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015

A Good, Long Day
November 8, 2015

Ron got me up at 7:00 this morning; it was nice to sleep a little later.  We got ready for church and Sunday School and picked Ron's aunt up at his mom's house to go with us.  She enjoyed being able to hear Ron teach the lesson in class.  She is always proud of him, and also does her best to keep him in line.

Our Sunday School class is doing great.  The room was full today with only one couple absent and the winter Texans have not even arrived.  We will need more room and more chairs.  The worship service was good with a sermon on "fear of the Lord".  That was not the title, but that was in all the scriptures used (I think).  We talked later how so many churches today want to tell you all the time that God is love.  That is true, but only a portion of the story.  God loves us, but we should honor and respect Him and His authority.  He is not "the man upstairs", but  rather God of the universe, Lord of all, King of Kings.  Great sermon, Pastor Steve.

After church we changed clothes and picked up lunch on the way to McAllen, as we went to take Ron's aunt to see Jeff and his family and their new house.  We spent all afternoon there, visiting and enjoying watching the children.  It was a fun afternoon.  I spent some time in the yard with the kids, took some photos, and just relaxed.  The children were on their best behavior and were such a joy to be around.

We left there about 6:00 as the sun was setting and Ron drove home.  We left his aunt at his mom's house.  Ron's mom was not up to going with us and was hoping to nap some during the afternoon.  I had a sandwich when we got home and read for a while.

I was just thinking about Ron's aunt and her relationship to Ron.  She and his mother are sisters, with about 6 years difference in ages.  His aunt was still a pre-teen when he was born and she loved playing with her new little nephew.  Ron's dad was in the service, so I am sure any help with the new baby was appreciated by his mom.  His aunt was never far away and has a strong bond to Ron. 

For most of us, we are not only brought up with the values and experiences of our parents, but of grandparents, and aunts and uncles, as well.  Siblings play an important part and so do cousins in the way we see ourselves in years to come.  All are important.

This afternoon at Jeff and Barb's, we got to talking about a friend and her daughter who have no other family alive.  What a feeling of lonesomeness that must be.  We all need the "back up" of family; the support (emotional, physical, and sometimes financial) we get from the extended family is awesome.  I watch my youngest sister play with my grandchildren and I see how much they love her antics and silly songs she shares with them.  I saw my grandchildren warm to Ron's aunt today as they could tell she was someone who cares about them.  Families matter. 

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